Ratti Report is Touring Abroad but the Leads Won’t Stop Comin’

We’re taking Ratti Report overseas and will be posting your regularly scheduled leads every business day in addition to our travel blogs which will be public on the website. (Technology Willing)

We are hoping a World View will open our minds to new & different ways to discover new business and we want to bring those to you.

Emailing will be preferred to phone calls but I will be available for emergencies.

The tour schedule as it stands today. You know how shit happens:

• September 17th – 21st we will be coming to you from Bologna, Italy

• September 24th – 27th: Madrid, Spain

• September 28th – October 2rd: Marrakech, Morocco

• October 3rd: Casablanca

• October 4th: Asbury Park pasted out on the beach

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