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Ratti Report is an investigative resource delivering New Business Intel to Advertising Agencies Nationwide. We only publish what we’d pitch ourselves. No aggregation or automation

Here’s what makes us different:

• No other service has the time nor the experience to guide you through any new business process: You have direct access to Steve Ratti who’s personal & professional with over 68 account/assignment wins under his belt!

• We save your perfect lead for you: When a lead is identified, a call will be made to your agency to discuss the opportunity. The story will not be published without your go-ahead. If the perfect lead gets through the net, we’ll take it down.

• We alert you to time-sensitive leads ASAP: We don’t wait for the end of the day or, even worse, tomorrow to get you the most time sensitive leads.

• Your agency can have as many people on your membership as you want. Paying members are required to change their password every quarter but don’t worry, we’ll remind you.

• Our leads are Qualified: All intelligence gathering, analysts & commentary is handled by a seasoned Madison Avenue new business veteran who would never post anything he wouldn’t pitch himself

• Success Assurances: Paying members are allotted quarterly new business status meetings to keep all sides focused on winning

• Free memberships are available: Collegiate level members have access to about 20% of our content

• Free daily & real-time lead alerts: DailyQ, Twitter & LinkedIn

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