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Steve’s breakdown: Here are just the DC congressional races for New Jersey. Find your candidate and get busy! Here’s the link for races in House of Reps nationwide: 2018

Below is what’s happening just in New Jersey

District Incumbent This race
Location 2017 PVI Representative Party First
Incumbent Status Candidates
New Jersey 1 D+13 Donald Norcross Democratic 2014
New Jersey 2 R+1 Frank LoBiondo Republican 1994 Retiring Tanzie Youngblood (Democratic)[535]
New Jersey 3 R+2 Tom MacArthur Republican 2014 Andy Kim (Democratic)[536]
Frederick John LaVergne (Democratic)[537]
New Jersey 4 R+8 Chris Smith Republican 1980 Jim Keady (Democratic)[538]
Josh Welle (Democratic)[539]
New Jersey 5 R+3 Josh Gottheimer Democratic 2016 Steve Lonegan (Republican)[540]
New Jersey 6 D+9 Frank Pallone Democratic 1988
New Jersey 7 R+3 Leonard Lance Republican 2008 Running Leonard Lance (Republican)[541]
Lindsay Brown (Republican)[542]
Peter Jacob (Democratic)[543]
Goutam Jois (Democratic)[544]
Tom Malinowski (Democratic)[545]
Lisa Mandelblatt (Democratic)[546]
Scott Salmon (Democratic)[546]
Linda Weber (Democratic)[547]
New Jersey 8 D+27 Albio Sires Democratic 2006
New Jersey 9 D+16 Bill Pascrell Democratic 1996
New Jersey 10 D+36 Donald Payne Democratic 2012
New Jersey 11 R+3 Rodney Frelinghuysen Republican 1994 Martin Hewitt (Republican)[548]
John Bartlett (Democratic)[549]
Jack Gebbia (Democratic)[550]
Tamara Harris (Democratic)[551]
Mikie Sherrill (Democratic)[552]
New Jersey 12 D+16 Bonnie Watson Coleman Democratic 2014

Two-term Democratic Senator Bob Menendez was re-elected with 59% of the vote in 2012. Menendez was originally appointed to the seat in January 2006. He will be 64 years old in 2018. He is running.[115]

Democrat Sean A. Thom is running.[116]

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