Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield needs Recess Guru

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield needs Recess Guru

Steve’s breakdown: They want to create a character named the “Recess Guru” to encourage people to exercise more. Whether it’s a good idea or not, it could be a pretty funny project. Here’s the deets:

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: We’d all like to exercise more, but with the increasing pressures of modern life, free time and fresh air are in short supply. An unfortunate downside to working long hours and not taking enough breaks is that it can negatively affect our mental and physical health, and can actually hinder our productivity.

With this in mind, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has committed ourselves to developing a new way to engage people with their health and our brand. From this we’ve spawned “Bring Back Recess” – a program that challenges all ages to get active and have fun through the recess games that we all loved as kids. Recess isn’t just for kids anymore! Taking a daily break for physical activity has major health and mood benefits for EVERYONE.

To help promote our initiative in a fun and engaging way, we are looking to develop a character – someone whose energy and love of all things recess works to inspire people of all ages. We refer to this character the “Recess Guru.” Video submissions should be 1 – 2 minutes of fun, relatable creative excellence!


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