Boulder County Colorado issues Transportation RFP

Steve’s breakdown: And yes, we have the RFP at this link. All inquiries are due May 30, 2017 and RFP responses are due June 9, 2017.

The services needed are listed below

BOULDER, CO: Marketing, Design, Branding, and Communications

Design will create materials to support FLEX and L route marketing strategies, including, but not

limited to:
o Posters

o Stickers
o Digital ads
o Short format video
o Annual report performance reports

o Print ads

    •   Direct mailings – coordination and/or distribution of mailings to residents along the FLEX and L bus routes.
    •   Miscellaneous creative design
    •   Graphic design and logo creation
    •   Drafting press releases related to the FLEX and L routes (Boulder County will distribute)
    •   Providing general response to inquiries about the FLEX and L routes. Boulder County can be the

      point of contact for more detailed follow up.

    •   Distributing route information and promoting route through social media

Public Outreach
 Attending events to promote the FLEX and L routes throughout Boulder County. This includes

tabling and distribution of route-related materials


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