Breakfast brands of PepsiCo seek Digital Agency

Breakfast brands of PepsiCo seek Digital Agency

Steve’s breakdown: PepsiCo is looking for an agency to handle UK digital advertising for its Tropicana and Quaker Oats brands. The featured video is a Tropicana campaign called “Sunrise” which will no doubt be part of this account’s creative.

THEALE, UK: The food giant has contacted agencies inviting them to pitch for the business. The brief will also cover social media activity.

Recent digital work for Tropicana has included a giveaway of 1,000 litre-cartons of the juice on its Facebook page, which pre-empted an artificial sunrise installation in London’s Trafalgar Square created by the art collective Greyworld.

In March last year, the brand partnered with The Guardian’s website to create a co-branded section of the site dedicated solely to good news.

Tropicana and Quaker Oats last teamed up in a marketing drive in 2006 for an online breakfast promotion. The campaign, created by Graphico, aimed to push the idea that, together, the brands can offer valuable advice on eating a healthy breakfast.

Visitors to a microsite,, could select the ingredients in their breakfast and work out its nutritional value on a calculator.

Tropicana’s above-the-line work continues to be handled by DDB UK.


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