Confidential RFP in Healthcare

Steve’s breakdown: Deadline for the signed NDA is Nov. 1. Deadline for proposals is Nov. 24. A modified version of the RFP — with all references to the company name and contact info removed — can be seen by contacting us via email.

SOMEWHERE, USA: A digital healthcare platform has issued a confidential RFP announcement for an agency specializing in healthcare that can execute a comprehensive integrated PR program.

The client, a personal healthcare management app and platform for clinicians, patients and suppliers, seeks an agency that can raise public awareness for an online portal for doctors and patients that will see an expected soft launch date early next year in select cities.

The initial engagement period would run between six months and a year.

Participating agencies must sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to receive the full RFP containing the client name, as well as additional details regarding the program objectives. A shortlist will be created out of the agencies that respond to the RFP, who will then be asked to submit a proposal for a comprehensive integrated PR program to demonstrate their qualifications.

All initial proposals (as well as questions regarding the RFP, including the NDA) should be sent to



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