Content Project: Miller 64

Content Project: Miller 64

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s something festive to think about during the holiday. BEER!

MILWAUKEE, WI: We are looking to generate new content for two exciting campaign initiatives to help Miller64 get 2013 off to a fresh start! It’s up to you to choose which of the two creative options you’d like to execute on….OR if you’re feeling daring you may submit videos for both. We’ll provide you with some information behind each of these initiatives, seed your thoughts with some existing campaign elements to help get you thinking along the right lines, and ultimately turn the reins over to you to steer us in a new, exciting direction!

Option 1: “A Little Extra” – This video should be about how one might choose to do a little extra in their daily life, i.e. take the stairs versus taking the elevator. The video should incorporate leading a balanced life of being active and healthy but also having fun and being social.

Option 2: “Resolutions” – This video needs to tell us a story about resolutions for the New Year. Again, the resolutions video should also stick with the theme of leading a balanced life/being active and healthy but also having fun and being social.

We’d like to keep the same lighthearted, celebratory tone of the current campaign, but there should also be an element of being unexpected and clever incorporated (rather than slapstick funny). Videos can be :30 (or less) and should compel viewers to want to SHARE. So crack this assignment open and let your creativity flow!


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