Creative & Media review: City of Redmond

bicycle_capital_of_the_northwestSteve’s breakdown: The City of Redmond is interested in seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide a proposal for a creative marketing and media package in accordance with the solicitation documents. For more details, follow this link or read on.

REDMOND, WA: Scope of Work – Overview

The City of Redmond’s Economic Development division of the Mayor’s office, and its’ partners, desires to contract with a creative company for branding, design and production of a dynamic marketing and media package intended to represent Redmond as an innovative, technical, diverse, vibrant community within the greater Puget Sound area. The consultant will be responsible for the creation of sprint and digital marketing, media and tradeshow package to be used to support Redmond’s economic development and business recruitment efforts including for uses such as in meetings, tours, presentations, tradeshows, online presence, etc.


The project office expects to have a contract for services to be complete by December 1, 2016 with all products finalized, accepted and invoiced by May 31, 2017. Project budget is not to exceed $50,000.00.

Due Date/Time
10:00AM(localtime)onMonday,October24,2016. TheCityofRedmond–PurchasingDivisionmust receiveproposalsnolaterthansaiddateandtime. Proposalsreceivedaftersuchtimewillbereturned unopened. ResponsesmaybemailedorhanddeliveredtotheCityofRedmond,PurchasingDivision,MS:

3NFN, 15670 NE 85th Street, PO Box 97010, Redmond, WA 98073-9710. Hand carried documents are to be delivered to the Customer Service Center, 2nd Floor, Redmond City Hall. Faxes and emails will not be accepted.


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