Digital RFP for Mid-West University

Steve’s breakdown: The University of North Dakota Office of Marketing & Creative Services is requesting proposals from qualified Contractors to conduct a comprehensive multi- channel digital marketing campaign. Responses are due May 31st and you can access the RFP by clicking the word “View” at this link.: UND

The “Scope of Work” is below.

GRAND FORKS, ND: The scope of work for the proposed project has five focus areas:

Focus Area 1: Promote Priority Programs

UND will continue digital marketing directed towards its priority programs. Over the duration of the project, UND will adjust (delete/add) program campaigns based on recommendations from Administration. The Contractor must adjust each campaign based on performance and changing priorities.

Focus Area 2: Strengthen Brand Equity

Digital marketing will be used to strengthen UND’s brand equity in North Dakota and among key stakeholder groups. This could include general brand awareness, targeted promotion of brand differentiators and promoting UND’s successes digitally.

Focus Area 3: Improve SEO

The Contractor will enhance UND’s SEO techniques through activities such as identifying demand, benchmarking competition and optimizing content.

Focus Area 4: Revise Email Marketing

The Contractor will evaluate UND’s email marketing strategy currently used to recruit prospective undergraduate, online and graduate students. After assessing bounce rates, open rates and conversions, the Contractor must recommend a strategy based on industry best practices that will improve conversions.

Focus Area 5: Content Optimization

The Contractor will provide A/B testing for landing pages, email marketing and digital ads to optimize content, including but not limited to copy, photography, videos, calls to action, and overall page design.

Account Management

For all focus areas, the Contractor must provide ongoing account management including, but not limited to:

  •   Suggest a channel mix with ad publishers such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Yahoo!, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  •   Set up accounts and billing. UND will make payments to vendors.
  •   Identify and build out clear user intent keywords based on research.
  •   Write ads and implement ad extensions.
  •   Provide a dedicated Account Manager to the UND account.
  •   Perform daily optimizations of ads.
  •   Provide weekly update reports and conference calls.
  •   Set up tracking including integration/collaboration with UND-managed Google Analytics goals and conversions

    Digital Capabilities

    Contractor must be able to deliver the following:

    PPC Campaign Management

  •   Google AdWords campaign administration
  •   Audit and strategic optimization of current AdWords accounts as well as new additional build-outs, including:
    o Campaigns

o Ad groups o Keywords o Ads

  •   Match type strategy and execution
  •   Keyword research
  •   Negative keyword list development
  •   Bidding strategy and ROI-focused budget management
  •   Geo-targeting
  •   Remarketing campaigns
  •   Ad scheduling


    Google Display Network

 Audit and strategic optimization of current AdWords accounts as well as new additional build-outs, including:
o Campaigns

o Ad groups o Keywords o Ads

  •   Remarketing list audit, optimization and utilization
  •   Bidding strategy and ROI-focused budget management
  •   Ad scheduling

    SEO Campaign Management

  •   Work with UND to develop a content optimization and development plan, which identifies the

    pages that need to be optimized

  •   Optimize page titles, meta tags, alt tags, header tags, and marketing copy for pages identified as

    targets in order to obtain better organic search results

  •   Conduct quarterly audits to identify recommendations for ongoing SEO strategy

    Other Digital Mediums

 Creation, implementation and reporting of ads within Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Bing

Contractor will be expected to deliver monthly reports including:

  •   Monthly spend
  •   Spend to date by campaign
  •   Campaign KPIs

o Impressions
o Clicks
o Click-through Rate o Conversion Rate o Cost Per Lead

  •   Trend of inquiries by day
  •   Inquiries by geography (when allowed by medium)
  •   Top performing ads
  •   Top performing programs
  •   Top keywords
  •   Performance by device
  •   Summarized performance analysis

    o Trends
    o Highlights
    o Concerns
    o Recommendations


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