Get the Visit Mendocino County PR RFP

Get the Visit Mendocino County PR RFP

Steve’s breakdown: Mendocino County tourism PR is in review but you can’t mention weed in the campaign. They were probably high when they made that decision.

Proposals are due May 31 and the RFP is available at this link.

FT. BRAGG, CA: The destination marketing organization for a northern California region known for wine, Redwoods and marijuana, is reviewing its tourism PR account with  an RFP process through late May.

Visit Mendocino County, covering a 4,000-square mile area of coastal California,  has pitched its “coastal villages, hand crafted wines and giant redwoods” in marketing over the past four years. It wants to hear from PR firms to guide its public and media relations program to attract new visitors and raise its profile among the traveling public.

Annual budget is $120K. A one-year contract is planned with annual renewals subject to the VMC.

San Francisco-based HypeHouse PR is the incumbent.

VMC wants a firm with destination marketing experience. Consumer PR, familiarization and media tours, San Francisco area events, social media, and industry and trade relations are all covered in the scope of work.

VMC sees its 90 wineries, coastal towns and 150 miles of trails through redwood forests as key draws for tourists. For years, the county has been considered a marijuana capital of the U.S. as part of California’s “emerald triangle” of pot-growing counties, although a federal crackdown in recent years has tempered its liberal views toward the drug. The RFP for PR does not mention marijuana.


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