Into Law Firm clients, this is the review for you

Steve’s breakdown: This is a PR account review for the Legal Marketing Assn. which has 4,200 members. (Think prospective clients)

Proposals are due Dec 4. They go to Stephanie Kusibab at

The willing bidder will be notified by Jan. 10.

CHICAGO, IL: The Legal Marketing Assn., which has more than 4,200 members and representatives in 90 percent of the biggest 200 law firms, is looking for a PR firm to help it become a more vocal advocate for the profession.

Established in 1985, the Chicago-based organization serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas/knowledge, runs educational and developmental programs, promotes the importance of marketing to lawyers and other professionals and helps establish ethics and standards of conduct and performance.

According to LMA’s RFP, the PR partner will focus on 2018 strategic initiatives related to innovation among disruption, diversity/inclusion and ethics/marketing.

The PR firm will develop dedicated LMA spokespersons, ensure they are quoted in relevant publications and conduct a conference call with each spokesperson prior to a media interview.

LMA, which has budgeted $45K for PR in 2018, is looking “to partner with a firm to build on and grow this campaign over the coming years,” according to the RFP.



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