Louisiana Tourism RFP

billboard-like-ad-1Steve’s breakdown: The budget is just over $7 million. The deadline for receipt of written inquiries is Thursday, 8/25/16. Click here for the RFP document

BATON ROUGE, LA: The purpose of this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is for the State of Louisiana, Office of the Lieutenant Governor (“OLG”), Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism (“DCRT”), hereinafter sometimes collectively referred to as “State” or “OLG/DCRT,” to obtain competitive proposals from bona fide, qualified Proposers in order to award one or more contracts to companies that will create and execute marketing initiatives and communications strategies within the following three components (collectively, “Components”):

Component 1: Creative/Marketing/Media/Brand Identity

Component 2: Public Relations

Component 3: Internet/Social Media/Digital Marketing

The purpose of dividing the work into three components is to provide the State greater access to the most creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial Proposers. 6 The three components allow prospective contractors the flexibility to submit one proposal in response to a single component, or multiple proposals in response to more than one component. A proposal may be submitted by a single firm or by a collaboration of firms.


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