Malaysia Seeks PR Firm to Attract US Investers

Malaysia Seeks PR Firm to Attract US Investers

Steve’s breakdown: This is a PR account to attract US investors. Go to to get a better idea what they are talking about in this article.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, which has identified development of data centers as part of its economic growth program, is looking for a PR firm to promote the campaign and attract U.S. investors.

The country’s Multimedia Development Corp. oversees the Information Communication Technology Initiative.

It says Malaysia accounts for less than four percent of the Asia-Pacific data center market share, a sector that is growing at a 16.3 percent annual clip.

The MDC sees Malaysia’s lower wages and real estate costs as advantages compared to data center hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore.

It is looking for a PR firm for a one-time engagement to identify relevant media, coordinate meetings and prepare background materials. A successful effort could lead to a long-term engagement.

Rahda Warrier, senior manager at the MDC, has information at [email protected].


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