Mid-West State University RFP

Steve’s breakdown: Iowa State University is seeking ad agencies to submit proposals to Cory Harms at clharms@iastate.edu by January 5th. Check out the RFP at this link.

AMES, IA: Iowa State University is seeking proposals for a marketing/advertising services contract. The successful agency will be experienced in all aspects of marketing to include, strategic planning, branding, advertising, promotions, media buying, direct mail, digital marketing, public relations, social media, etc.

Bidders should read all materials carefully and note the due date. All questions and comments in reference to this Request for Proposal must be directed to

Cory Harms
Director of Procurement Services 2221 Wanda Daley Drive
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-3616 515-294-2591 clharms@iastate.edu

Proposal Evaluation
representatives from Purchasing, University Marketing and ISU campus clients. It shall not be the responsibility of the University to obtain any information to satisfy the requirements of RFP No. 63637 that are not provided with the proposal or readily obtainable from the submitted proposal response. The evaluation criteria utilized for this RFP will be based upon, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience in creating integrated media campaigns
  • Demonstrated experience in social media campaigns and measuring their success
  • Demonstrated commitment to working within a sophisticated visual identity system that

    ensures a consistent, quality image for the university and its departments and units

  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in positioning and branding through

    communication materials the firm has developed for organizations similar in size and

    scope to Iowa State University

  • Demonstrated expertise in using market research to make strategic marketing and brand

    positioning decisions.

  • Demonstrated experience in developing communication materials that will elicit a

    response or awareness from varying audiences

  • Demonstrated experience in developing promotional plans;
  • experience with placing news stories with national media
  • Demonstrated experience producing radio and television commercials of national caliber
  • Demonstrated ability to work with clients with various levels of marketing expertise
  • Demonstrated experience negotiating value-added media buys
  • Qualifications of staff who would be assigned to ISU account
  • Company profile
  • Fee scale
  • Feedback from references

Proposals received will be evaluated by a committee that may include

  • Compliance with all terms, conditions, and request for proposal format
  • Experience with organizations such as Iowa State University
  • Results of any requested oral presentations and site visits (if necessary)

    Oral presentations may be required of those companies selected by ISU. Such presentations will ask the Company to:

  • Describe its organization, its longevity, its reputation, the qualifications of personnel to be assigned to ISU projects, and its creative process for developing strategic marketing campaigns.
  • Explain the samples that demonstrate their ability to handle a program of this scope.
  • Outline its procedures in dealing with an ISU project.
  • Other information as requested.

1.3 Schedule of Events

Activity Issuance of RFP

Proposals Due
Company Presentations or Structured Interviews Completion of Evaluation
Award of Contract
Contract Beginning Date
Contract Completion (first term)
Contract Completion (if renewed)

* Dates are tentative

Date 11/20/2017

1/19 to 1/26/2018* 1/31/2018* 3/01/2018* 03/01/2018 2/28/2023 2/28/2028

1.4 Bid Response Proposals are to be submitted via email to quotedesk@iastate.edu or by mail and labeled “RFP 60637 Advertising Services”. Electronic submissions should be submitted in one (1) PDF or similar electronic file. Proposals must be received in the ISU Purchasing Department, 3616 Administrative Services Building, Ames, Iowa 50011-3616 by 4:00 P.M. CST on 1/5/2018. Any proposal received after the time specified for the receipt of proposals may not be considered and may be returned unopened.

Proposals, which are delivered personally, are to be brought to the Purchasing Department front desk located at the south entrance of the 1st Floor Administrative Services Building (ASB). The ASB building is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Stange Road and 13th Street.

If submitting proposal by mail, one (1) original hard copy and one (1) electronic copy of the proposal are to be submitted to the ISU Purchasing Department in response to this RFP. The electronic copy can be submitted on a CD or thumb drive. No hard copy is required if submitting by email. Please submit the electronic version as one (1) file and not multiple files.


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