Missouri State Fair issues RFP

Missouri State Fair issues RFP

Steve’s breakdown: The budget  is $300,000 but does not include the budgeted amount for website revisions, updates and maintenance. Proposals are due September 6, 2011 no later than 2pm CST at the following address:

John Hall, PO Box 809, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0809

[email protected] (573) 522-1620

You can download the RFP here => RattiReportRFP17

JEFFERSON CITY, MO: The contractor shall provide all services customarily performed by a modern, professional, full-service marketing/advertising agency, necessary for the creation, preparation, and placement of advertisements, and other promotional and image building activities for the State Fair which is part of the Department of Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as the “state agency”), in accordance with the
provisions and requirements specified herein.




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