Project for AirHeads: The candy

Project for AirHeads: The candy

Steve’s breakdown: The people that gave us Mentos, the fresh maker, have a video project up for grabs. This time it’s for Airheads and the deadline for entries is May 19, 2013.

ERLANGER, KY: The Airheads Mega Brand has recently introduced Airheads Bites to play a key role in the brand objective of bringing teens and young adults back to the Airheads brand. In order to bring these consumers back, and prompt them to stay with the brand, Airheads is focusing efforts toward relatable consumer messaging, engaging content and easy to eat NEW products!

Given the brand personality of Airheads and the direction we’re moving toward with our new communications platform, we want you to really have some fun here. If we could pinpoint two adjectives to describe these videos, they are FUNNY and UNEXPECTED! And, because of that, we know that we’re in the right place to find exactly that type of creative deliciousness.

At Airheads, we realize that we all have our moments, but don’t let missing out on this project be one of them. Come take a bite out of this creative task and help us launch our new product into the social consciousness of the masses. You are exactly the community of creative thinkers we need and we’re SUPER pumped to see what sweet tasting ideas you all dream up!


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