Reinventing Malaysia Airlines: Predicted 7/18/14

uTSuSteve’s breakdown: A couple of days after the crash we posted the headline “The inevitable assignment: Rebranding Malaysia Airlines”. We all knew there had to be time for healing before any calls should be made but a review had to happen.

Side point: this sounds like a nasty pitch so approach with caution.

SUBANG, Malaysia: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has called a pitch, with at least 15 network agencies involved

Several branding agencies from Singapore are also involved.

The briefing was held two days ago, and involves all branding and marketing duties for MAS, with three components to the pitch: visual identity, brand pitch and creative execution, one source said.

However, several agencies have bemoaned the short deadlines, with another confirming that agencies were only given two weeks to come up with ideas, with the closing of the first round of pitching in 8 May. The incumbent agency is Ogilvy & Mather.

The airline also stated its intentions to confirm the agency by July. The airline has yet to respond to requests for comment.

This comes shortly after MAS announced new management last December, with ex- Aer Lingus head Christoph Mueller now leading MAS as CEO.


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