In Review: University of British Columbia

ubc_shutterstock-jpg__0x500_q95_autocrop_crop-smart_subsampling-2_upscaleSteve’s breakdown: An RFP went out last week and proposals are due September 27th. To get the RFP, try Philip Steenkamp, Vice President, External Relations & Communications (604) 822-6330

VANCOUVER, Canada: The University of British Columbia is in search of a new ad agency.

A request for proposals was published September 8 for a communications and marketing agency of record for strategic brand communications and marketing. The initial term would be three years, plus up to five one-year renewals, to work on various undisclosed projects. The deadline for bids is September 27.

“Due to the dynamic nature of the post-secondary education sector, the scope and nature of assignments are varied,” the tendering document said.

Over the past year and a half, projects have included redevelopment of, brand advertising in social media, print, billboards and transit, a branding overhaul and a competitive review of varsity sport branding across North America.

UBC wants to “increase the profile and reputation as a tier one, international research-intensive university and to create a strong sense of affinity, pride and engagement with the university amongst our diverse audiences,” the document said.

Susan Danard, UBC’s managing director of public affairs, said that UBC was “very happy” with the work of former agency of record DDB, but is looking for another firm to provide both traditional and digital advertising after its contract with DDB expired.

“Like all post-secondary institutions, UBC uses marketing to reach prospective students, faculty, donors, alumni and other stakeholders as we are in highly competitive marketplace,” Danard said.

She said the communications and marketing department spends $200,000 to $250,000 a year on advertising, but the most recent campaign last spring cost $600,000 to promote UBC’s research and innovation. The budget for the next fiscal year has yet to be approved, she said.


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