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silicon-valley-signSteve’s breakdown: Here’s the knitty gritty: RFP – Advertising/Public Relations Agencies

All proposals shall be submitted to:
Silicon Valley Power
Attn: Mary Medeiros McEnroe
881 Martin Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95050


The following Scope of Services presents an outline of potential work assignments that may be part of the selected Proposer(s) contract.

If selected, the City and the selected Proposer(s) will prepare a detailed Scope of Services for specific tasks, budgets, and timelines to be included in the negotiated contract. If you do not intend to provide all of the services listed in the Scope of Services, please indicate those that you intend to provide in this proposal as indicated by the instructions in Part IV of this RFP.



Assist City staff with the development of a comprehensive multimedia marketing plan including strategies to: 1) educate residents and businesses about new and existing services, 2) test the effectiveness of each marketing effort, and 3) ensure a smooth transition to each marketing campaign.

  • Develop a unified creative theme for delivering the messages of each campaign.
  • Present at least three creative solutions to SVP staff and stakeholders for consideration for each campaign.
  • Provide samples of how themes are to be applied to a variety of media for a variety of audiences in both residential and commercial program areas, as appropriate.
  • Develop and finalize agreed-upon strategies and assign estimated costs and timelines.
  • With the assistance of the SVP staff, develop a glossary of key messages suitable for use in all outreach materials, so messages remain consistent.


Provide collateral development services in support of the multimedia campaign. Services may include: graphic design for the development of print collateral (such as bill inserts, posters, service packets, direct mail, service cards), print and broadcast advertising, public meeting presentation materials, and supplemental video productions.

A. Coordinate production of the above material including: creative development, translation services, writing copy, graphic design, photography, videography, broadcast production, media placement, and print coordination (print specifications, preparation of files, press checks and delivery) according to SVP requirements.

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  1. The Proposer will be responsible for the costs of printing, advertising, mailing services, and distribution, then bill through all third party costs to the City without mark-up. The exception to this are the utility bill inserts and the bill envelopes, which are printed through the City’s utility bill print vendor. NOTE: ownership of all materials including photography created or purchased by Proposer or a third party vendor on City’s behalf shall be transferred in full to the City.
  2. Propose methods for tracking the effectiveness of the marketing plans and their components. Assist in establishing project goals. Monitor and track data for periodic evaluations and provide a final analysis of the success of the campaign to SVP upon project completion.
  3. Develop a public relations campaign that strives to involve local media and create positive attention to SVP. This could include developing media releases, organizing press events, creating video news releases, providing “B”-rolls, etc. Track results of public relations efforts on a regular basis.
  4. Support SVP staff in preparing for and responding to media inquiries.

For information on current Silicon Valley Power programs, visit this website:


The list of tasks above is not meant to be exclusive and proposals containing alternative and innovative approaches are encouraged. The City reserves the right to revise or eliminate tasks from the Scope of Services based on the outcome of the proposal evaluation process.


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