RFP Available: University of Maine

Steve’s breakdown: This University of Maine account includes all of their colleges and it looks like they need a lot of production so there’s money to be made. The RFP is at this link.

The lead contact is Director of Strategic Sourcing, Rachel Piper Email at rachel.piper@maine.edu and (207) 780-5633. Response are due November 3, 2016

ORONO, ME: The primary purpose of the Image Campaign is to establish a strong identity for the University of Maine, in its key markets of Maine and New England, to enhance enrollment. The campaign should increase the awareness of and respect for the excellent education, research and economic opportunities that the university provides. The campaign should differentiate the University from other educational options (i.e. public research universities located outside of the state of Maine, private universities and colleges, public universities and colleges located outside of the state of Maine, community and two year colleges and on-line college programs). This campaign is designed to positively impact the enrollment activities and results for the

2018-2019 academic year. The Scope of the project includes two parts: Creative Concepts, TV Commercials and Promotional Videos and A Media plan and resulting Media Buys in Maine and New England necessary to launch the campaign. Each part has a cost limit. Each part has a targeted time line to ensure the ability of the campaign to impact enrollment for the 2018-2019 academic year.

All material produced requires University approval.

Video Production

  1. Produce 5-6 minute UMaine campus video with 2-3 minute cut down
  2. Concept, Script & Storyboard, three :30 TV Spots in continuation of the Define

Tomorrow Campaign
3. Editrevisions,statespecificversioning&tags(upto10versionsperspot),cutdowns, spot trafficking and any other collateral needed within the 12-Month contractual period as needed

Print and Creative Work- Cost must include all design work, photography, and supervision of printing

  1. Design 24 page Viewbook for UMaine
  2. Design Search Piece, up to 8 pages
  3. Design New Acceptance package and all elements contained therein
  4. Design Billboards as needed throughout the 12-Month contractual period –supervise

printing, placement & trafficking
5. Design Busses as needed throughout the 12-Month contractual period Supervise printing, placement & trafficking

  1. Design High School Visit Posters
  2. College Fair Pop-Up designs and posters
  3. Postcards
  4. Web Banners as needed

10. Provide Creative and Design work for ads placed by admissions office. For example, Major League Team Yearbook Ads

Media Buy Budget: Not to Exceed $500k

1. Propose strategy, media plan, for length of contract. Should cover: TV buy in Northeast and areas as required by admissions office

  1. Propose billboard placement strategy, buy space and traffic creative
  2. Propose bus signage placement strategy, buy space and traffic creative
  3. Consider other venues


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