State Lottery Ad Account RFP

Steve’s breakdown: The Connecticut Lottery Corporation is looking for General Advertising and Marketing Services, Public Relations and Multicultural Advertising Services. Proposals are due January 9th and you can see the RFP at this link.

ROCKY HILL, CT: The advertising agency is responsible for the following:

  1. Sharing responsibility for planning, coordinating, integrating, and executing the CLC’s annual advertising and marketing plan.
  2. Assisting in overall marketing analysis, strategy development, and position of the CLC and its products.
  3. At the CLC’s direction, facilitating collaboration among CLC staff, multi-cultural advertising agencies, and other marketing contractors to provide integration of advertising and marketing plans.
  4. Creating and producing marketing and advertising supporting the CLC’s new and existing products and programs.
  5. Developing media plans and purchasing television, radio, print, outdoor, digital, social, and any new media vehicle that assists in marketing CLC products.
  6. Developing digital media strategies including robust social media and search engine strategy and digital media negotiation, buying, and placement.
  7. Providing assistance with long-range marketing plans and specialized programs.
  8. Providing timely post-buy analysis of all media buys.
  9. Developing, designing, and producing in-store communications.
  10. ProvidingstaffattendanceatregularmarketingmeetingsattheCLC.

The advertising agency may be required to:

  1. Provide Public Relations programs integrating media relations, crisis communications, and cross- cultural outreach.
  2. Develop, manage, and facilitate CLC market research studies.

After review and evaluation of the Proposal Content and Technical Specifications, Proposers that earn a score of “Meets” through “Superior” may be invited to give Oral Presentations at Lottery headquarters. Invitations will be decided solely by the CLC.


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