$7 million Tourism New Zealand Australasian account is in play

Steve’s breakdown: We had this account while I was at M&C Saatchi and I have to say, they don’t mind taking risks. We even had Bill Clinton do a voice over for one spot.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand: Tourism New Zealand is reviewing its $7 million Australasian creative and media agency business.

In recent years this work has been handled by Auckland-based Assignment Group and Sydney-based Amnesia Razorfish, as well as Mindshare.

The brand work developed in the two countries is generally also rolled out throughout the rest of the region, although the company is not reviewing accounts in other key Asian markets.

Justin Watson, Tourism New Zealand’s GM of marketing communications said: “Now that we are a year into our new marketing strategy, it’s time to look at reviewing and consolidating our partners to get greater coordination and integration of activity.”

“We are therefore evaluating the services to ensure correct alignment of delivery with Tourism New Zealand’s strategic goals, particularly maintenance of the ‘100% Pure You’ campaign and our focus on digital marketing.”

Watson said that Tourism New Zealand would appoint an independent third-party to maintain a balance during the agency selection process, which will be advertised from today as an open request for proposal on New Zealand’s Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) page.

Tourism New Zealand’s estimated main media spend in Australia for the full year to June 2011 was $7.3m, down from $7.4m in the previous year, according to Nielse


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