TripAdvisor, fraudulent reviews and a PR account in review

TripAdvisor, fraudulent reviews and a PR account in review

Steve’s breakdown: Whenever the Advertising Standards Authority contacts you about anything, it’s time to bring in the PR pros. Especial when you’re fighting press like this: TripAdvisor’s fake reviews sickness goes critical.

The good news is that TripAdvisor is in the world’s lexicon as seen in the featured video.

LONDON, UK: Travel reviews website TripAdvisor is on the lookout for a new PR agency to work across its European markets.

TripAdvisor’s UK comms director Emma Shaw said she was “in the process of selecting a new agency”.

The remit is thought to include a focus on raising the profile of the site among both consumers and industry influencers.

The website has recently hit the headlines after removing its slogan “reviews you can trust” from its hotel listings and replacing it with “reviews from our community”.

Media reports have suggested the slogan change was a result of the site being under investigation from the Advertising Standards Authority after thousands of complaints from hoteliers about alleged fraudulent reviews.


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