Two account review predictions in one post: TD Ameritrade & now Schwab

We don’t just report the hottest in new business news here at The Ratti Report. We spot trends, give opinion, offer advise, do good old fashion reporting and make lots of correct predictions about account reviews.

Case in point:

On January 17th, The Ratti Report covered a story with this headline: “Schwab snags TD’s chief marketing officer (Time to call both!)”

Here was my breakdown of that story: “They say they are not going to change advertising or marketing but that might be so they don’t get flooded with calls from ad agencies. I say, flood them anyway! And it might also be a good time to call TD Ameritrade! BTW: I reported Schwab was looking for a new CMO on December 10th.”

Then on May 18th, as predicted, TD Ameritrade went into review. Here’s how we covered that: TD Ameritrade launches $300 million creative review

Now, according to one agency source, Schwab has put its advertising account in review. I suspect it’s the creative portion of the account because they just reviewed their media back in 2009. This story has not been covered by the press which is why most people don’t know it’s happening.

We have a call into Schwab but we have not heard back with any comment.

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