University of Kentucky “feel good” account RFP

Steve’s breakdown: Find Help Now KY is the cause. Proposals are due November 7th and you can see the documentation here.

LEXINGTON, KY: The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) is seeking an advertising agency to perform various marketing and advertising services throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky to promote an innovative web-based Substance Use Disorder Information and Referral Service (SUD- IRS) called Find Help Now KY, associated with the Kentucky Governor’s Don’t Let Them Die Campaign, that goes live in January 2018. The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to contract an agency that can assist KIPRC and state agency partners (Governor’s Office, Office of Drug Control Policy, Department for Public Health, and Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities) in developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan that will reach key target audiences.

The objective of this RFP is to promote the Find Help Now KY website and to integrate with the Governor’s existing Don’t Let Them Die campaign to ensure consistency in messaging and effective cross-promotion. Key elements will include the creation of print, broadcast, and Internet-based media (ads, brochures, radio and TV spots, billboards, etc.), promotion of the Find Help Now KY website on various search engines, in collaboration with the Governor’s Don’t Let Them Die campaign. In addition to the activities outlined herein, KIPRC is supporting a separate statewide contest among High School and University students to create informative and engaging public service messages that promote the joint Don’t Let Them Die – Find Help Now campaigns. The top 18 (9 high school; 9 university) resulting products (digital, radio, and TV ads) of the separate university and high school contest must be integrated into the marketing efforts for the Don’t Let Them Die- Find Help Now KY website.

The developed Don’t Let Them Die- Find Help Now KY marketing and advertising campaign should leverage public service announcement obligations of print, broadcast, and radio outlets to maximize impact of the limited advertising budget.

There will be two target audiences for this advertising strategy that are broad and diverse: 1) professionals (healthcare professionals, SUD treatment providers, and first responders); and 2) general community (addicted individuals; parents; city, county, and state-level organizations; and educators, and students). The intent of the integrated Don’t Let Them Die ‐ Find Help Now campaign will be to 1) increase awareness of the availability of SUD (addiction) treatment; 2) promote the Find Help Now website as a tool to increase timely access of individuals with SUD to availability of SUD treatment and recovery services; and 3) provide needed information on SUD, harm reduction, and treatment services, etc., to drug overdose prevention stakeholders. The end result should be increased utilization of the Find Help Now KY website by professionals for rapid referral of individuals to appropriate SUD treatment, increased awareness of SUD information by addicted individuals and their families, and a statewide increase in individuals obtaining SUD treatment.

At minimum, the successful agency shall perform the following services:

    • Evaluate and integrate existing marketing products from the Don’t Let Them Die campaign
    • Creatively develop multiple forms of advertising and publications

PROPOSAL NO. UK-1795-18 8

  • Develop Communication strategies to attain maximum public awareness of substance use disorders, treatment, and available information.
  • Participate in, at a minimum, monthly planning meetings to provide marketing consultation and strategic direction of the advertising campaign
  • Develop a Don’t Let Them Die- Find Help Now KY marketing plan
  • Create and print Find Help Now KY brochures targeted to addiction treatment providers
  • Create Find Help Now KY informational and training materials
  • Create Find Help Now KY direct response campaign radio, cable television, digital and billboard advertising
  • Market research of Don’t Let Them Die- Find Help Now KY campaign material through focus groups and concept testing.
  • Address Find Help Now KY marketing issues as they arise during the course of the contract period
  • Coordinate with existing public relations and marketing entities at the State and University levels to effectively utilize all communication avenues

    In accordance with federal regulations, the University of Kentucky Postal Services provides all bulk- mailing services for all University mail. The successful contractor will work closely with UK Postal Services to determine how University mail handled by the contractor may be managed.


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