University RFP: Advertising & Web in the Mid-Atlantic

Steve’s breakdown: The RFP can be accessed at this link. Question are due tomorrow and responses are due May 31st.

BALTIMORE, MD: The University of Baltimore intends to contract for marketing, advertising, web design/development and creative services with a professional marketing and advertising firm. The successful marketing/advertising agency will develop and implement a comprehensive marketing campaign beginning at the date of the award and continuing for a five-year contract term.  The University reserves the right to purchase other services not named in this RFP.

All new contracts must be consistent with the state’s procurement regulations and with University procurement policies and procedures.

The purpose of the contract is to:

  • Develop and implement a marketing and advertising campaign that increases market awareness, strengthens UB’s unique position in the region’s competitive higher education field and differentiates the University from its competitors.  The contractor’s marketing efforts will include media buys and production costs.  Efforts may also include, at the contractor’s recommendation, content strategy, website redesign (likely funded by a separate budget if a comprehensive site redesign in necessary), digital media strategy, recruitment materials, CRM communication flows, etc.
  • Support strategic enrollment growth across the institution.
  • Enhance the University’s image and recognition among
    • prospective students
    • current and prospective donors
    • city, regional and state decision leaders
    • potential employers
    • the business community
    • government.

The successful offeror will have experience and proven ability in:

  • higher education marketing locally; and regionally (as well as nationally when appropriate),  preferably including urban and public institutions
  • the use of emerging trends in higher education marketing and communication, including social media and digital marketing as well as marketing analytics
  • the strategies and challenges of university branding, positioning and recruitment, including the collaborative development and implementation of University messaging and visual identity
  • best and emerging practices in web design, functionality and content strategy
  • best and emerging practices in CRM communications.

2.6. BUDGET:

The estimated annual marketing budget is between $800,000 and $1,000,000.  The budget includes the marketing budget, all media buys, production costs and website development work.

Note that this budget is an estimate to aid in the preparation of realistic proposals and is not a contract limitation or assurance. Plans and projections in the Technical Proposal should be based on the above amounts. If a prospective contractor offers services or optional promotional plans that would cause the overall budget to exceed the estimated amounts in the first year or in succeeding years, they should indicate that the plans are optional or that they would cause the contractor to exceed the anticipated budget.


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