Video Project for Frosty Paws

Video Project for Frosty Paws

Steve’s breakdown: Just as a reminder, we like these small projects because they get your foot in the door of big companies. This time it’s Purina giving folks a shot.

The brief can be found at this link and the deadline is June 18th.

SAINT LOUIS, MO: Frosty Paws are Frozen Treats for Dogs. Since ice cream is difficult to digest and can upset their dogs’ stomach, Frosty Paws is a nutritious replacement for ice cream that is fortified with protein, vitamin, and minerals. It’s a cool treat that is one of a kind that gives dogs and their owners a longer lasting treat experience.

Frosty Paws isn’t simply a treat for dogs – it brings the owner and dog closer together. Some dogs actually prefer their owners to hold the cup while they eat it. Frosty Paws is all about experiencing that special moment, however often that may be.

These videos should be fun and exemplify all the wonderful aspects of having a dog while still being informative of what Frosty Paws “Frozen Treats” are and how they can make moments special. The video should help create awareness for Frosty Paws while making you smile and chuckle the whole way through. 


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