Warheads seeks PR weapon

Warheads seeks PR weapon

Steve’s breakdown: This campaign seems a bit contrived but the kids also seems to like it. Looks like a fun account.

LITTLETON, CO: Impact Confections, maker of the Warheads sour candy that is a favorite of pre- and young teens, is looking for a PR firm to re-position the candy from a “niche” to “everyday brand.”

The estimated $15M brand enjoys high name recognition among kids. Its customers are viewed as more adventurous and rebellious than chocolate candy eaters.

Warheads, which considers itself the “authentic edgy sour candy,” has used “extreme” messaging points to promote the brand. It has participated events such as the X Games and the U.S. ultimate Frisbee championship. Warheads has more than 1M fans on Facebook.

The 2012 budget is said to be in the $200K to $300K range. IC is based in Littleton, Co.

A spokesperson has not been reached.

Source: www.odwyerpr.com

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