Sexual harassment has everybody on their heals: Especially these 2

Steve’s breakdown: Just like with any tragedy, there are much bigger issues that need to be addressed. But for the purposes of what we do here, here’s where we think there could be work to do from a communications stand point:

CBS News and PBS are the worst at addressing the Charlie Rose situation more than most brands. It’s embarrassing and fresh eyes have to get in their and fix this mess.

PLUS: Companies doing it all right, let the people know!!

NEW YORK, NY & ARLINGTON, VA: Charlie Rose is officially out at CBS News. His contract has been terminated, effective immediately. The move comes following news of sexual harassment allegations made by eight women against him, allegations detailed in an in-depth Washington Post story published Monday. (TVNewser)

After the initial Post story came out, other women came forward with additional allegations of sexual misconduct. By Tuesday morning, CBS executives determined it was impossible for him to return to CBS This Morning, the daily broadcast he has co-hosted for the past five years. CBS did not immediately name a replacement for Rose on the program. (CNN)

Additionally, PBS has decided to cancel Charlie Rose, the eponymous news program hosted by the veteran journalist. Bloomberg also confirmed they’ve terminated the next-day rebroadcast of the show. (TVNewser)

In addition to distributing the show Charlie Rose, which is shot at Bloomberg’s New York headquarters, the organization also distributes the show Charlie Rose The Week. PBS and WNET have both deleted the online listings for the show. (THR)

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