For reference, the Wonder Woman logo is up above, and the Whataburger logo is below:

The Houston Chronicle says that the two parties aren’t diving into a legal battle just yet, but the fact that DC and Warner Bros. are expanding the Wonder Woman logo trademark to cover food-type stuff seems to be making Whataburger a little anxious. Just to indicate how seriously the fast food chain is taking this, though, it made a point to note in a statement to The Houston Chronicle that it “supports superheroes like Wonder Woman and her friends in the Justice League,” and later added that it wants her to “continue to focus her efforts on keeping planet Earth safe from evil villains.” In other words, Whataburger doesn’t seem to be especially upset about any of this and is probably just trying to make sure that Warner Bros. has no intention of launching a Wonder Woman-themed chain of restaurants in Texas.

Warner Bros., on the other hand, has not released some cutesy statement about cheeseburgers or Whatachick’n sandwiches, so maybe it really is getting its lawyers ready for some big lawsuit.