Hi All,

We’re having a cartoon contest and the winner wins $500, 2nd place gets $250. Winners will be selected via a public online vote. A link to that voting will be added to this page April 1st. (So Bookmark This Page if You Want to Vote.)


  • Submissions are to be Black & White drawings
  • Cartoon Captions will consist of the words included in the word cloud below. If you need clarification on definitions, just email me at SteveRatti@gmail.com. If you need to add words like “and”, try to use symbols. If there are connecting words that aren’t on the list and don’t have symbols, just go ahead and use them and submit the cartoon.
  • Names of Cities, States and Countries are also allowed in the cartoon caption
  • Submit all cartoons to SteveRatti@gmail.com
  • You can enter as many cartoons as you want
  • The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2017.

Here are the approved cartoon caption words:

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