Agency Reviews we’ve Predicted

La nostra previsione era corretta sulla recensione della pubblicità Maserati

Steve’s breakdown: As we predicted when the Nike CMO came over to Maserati we just knew the account was going to change hands. And here we are. Folks, our Account Review Predictions should be a page you look at everyday. Please, if not for you, do it for me. Capisce? AUBURN HILS, MI & MODENA, […]

Old Navy, as forecasted, went into review

Steve’s breakdown: Last month we made sure all our members knew we thought either The Gap or Old Navy would go in review. And now it’s just been announced Martin has won Old Navy. (Our forecast is at the bottom of the page) Gotta keep an eye on our Account review predictions!! OR BECOME A […]

Someone was listening to our account review prediction: Orbitz

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see in the featured image, back on December 5th we told our members 1 or 2 of Expedia’s brands would change agencies. (See entire post at the bottom of the page) Well here we are and Orbitz went into review and has been won. Keep in mind, there might be […]

As Forecasted by this newspaper: P.F. Chang’s did go into review

Steve’s breakdown: A few months back we said “Whether or not the acquisition of P.F. Chang’s happens, the outcome will fire-up an ad review cause they’ll have to do something to survive” and that’s exactly what happened. Keep an eye on our account review predictions everyday and this service will pay for itself 100 times […]

As forecasted, Ferrero put it’s account in review: What about creative?

Steve’s breakdown: As we forecasted this summer, Ferrero had to go into review (see below) and today it was announced that they did indeed go into review and Mindshare won the pitch. Keep an eye on our Account Review Predictions every day because that’s where the real cheese cake is. PARSIPPANY, NJ: Italian confectionery and […]

Ratti correctly predicts another ad review: Bojangles’ (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Bojangles’ just hired their new agency and as you can see from the bottom of this page, we asked you folks to look into the account in April. We forecasted that Lord & Taylor would possibly go into review today. Ya might want to check that out. CHARLOTTE, NC: Bojangles’, Inc. has appointed […]

As Ratti forecasted: Tommy Hilfiger Goes Into Review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Gotta keep an eye on our review predictions. (see below) No other new business service can do this so . . . anywho The accounts are the reviews European and North America media. The pitch is in the early stages with WPP’s Essence, MullenLowe Mediahub and independents Crossmedia and Local Planet all in […]

As Ratti Predicted: Bed Bath & Beyond goes into review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes we tell our members twice they need to look for an agency review. Both of the post we published were in our “Account Review Prediction” category which is were your eyes should be living. At the bottom of this page is the article announcing the review and who’s already involved. Retailer CEO […]

Another one of our forecasted ad reviews comes to light: Twizzlers (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: As we said last year, the “You can’t be serious” Twizzlers campaign had to die and we said “Pitch It” Well, here we are and Drogo5 just launched the new campaign. Please folks, keep a close eye on our “Account review predictions” cause it pays for this service 100 times over. Our forecasted […]

Just as forecasted, Boeing went in review: Will they need another? (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: “Edelman Helps Boeing Navigate PR Turbulence” and we called this one in March. See our reporting at the bottom. Just another example to keep a keen eye on our “account review predictions”. This time it was for PR. What’s it going to be next time? CHICAGO, IL: Boeing has reached for Edelman to map […]

The Peloton review was one we told you would happen (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: We know everyone has a “cult affair” with Peloton but the fact is they were stealing music and we knew that was the end of their ad campaign. Below is our prediction from last month. $50 million client has to change all marketing NEW YORK, NY: Peloton is looking for a new agency […]

Reminder we forecast ad reviews: This time it was Grey Goose Vodka (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s our prediction from this winter: Grey Goose review is imminent The story below is the announcement of the account winners. (both Ratti Report readers) CORAL GABLES, FL: Interpublic’s MullenLowe has added to its liquor portfolio by winning the global creative account for Grey Goose. The premium vodka brand had been at Omnicom’s […]

Petco ad review prediction is proof in the pudding (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Like this pup, we had a suspicion PetCo was going into review and here we are.  Check out our original post below.. SAN DIEGO, CA: Petco today announced it has selected Anomaly as its creative agency partner to help lead the pet retailer’s marketing and brand transformation strategy. New York-based Anomaly was selected through […]

Here’s one we called: Johnnie Walker in Global Review Right Now (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: When Johnnie Walker launched Jane, we knew the end was near. Here’s our prediction. Below that are the details of this review. Dead on Arrival: Jane Walker Scotch NORWALK, CT: Diageo has launched a review of its Johnnie Walker account globally, including the U.S. “We can confirm we have invited advertising agencies to […]

Ratti Report predicts yet another review: Buffalo Wildwings (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Here we go again. Another account review prediction gone right. We hope many of you made the call and, I least, got in the pitch. Here’s our prediction from August 28th. Sports Betting Restaurant + New CMO = Account Review Coming Here’s the account win announcement that ran last week in Advertising Age: […]

Another RR account review prediction comes true: Kahlúa Liqueur (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Back in January we reported that we (AKA RR) thought Kahlúa Liqueur would probably be reviewed because of management & creative reasons and now here we are today. Make sure to keep our Account Review Predictions on your to do list everyday!!! NEW YORK, NY: Pernod Ricard has appointed Droga5 London to handle the […]

Ratti Report nails another prediction: Smucker’s (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Back in April we said, with the purchase of Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Smucker’s was in the position to put the entire company up for review. And here we are in the fall with the announcement of the win. Ya gotta keep reading our account review predictions so you’ll never be left out. ORRVILLE, […]

Another Ratti predicted account review: H&R Block (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: In late April we reported twice that we smelled an agency review coming to H&R Block. We hope you were listening and, at least, got into the pitch. Now that Deutsch has won brand strategy, creative and advertising, design, production and social media, what parts of the account are still hanging out there? […]

As we predicted: Activision Goes into Review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: We soooooo hope you took advantage of the 24 hour head-start Ratti Report gave you guys yesterday when we reported “$33 Million Video Game Account is Shopping Around Project” and said the whole schmear would go into review. Gotta keep an eye on our “Account Review Predictions” section cause ya never know. We […]

As Ratti Report Predicted: Puma Goes into Review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Here we go again. Folks, you have to keep an eye on our account review predictions because we get these right. This time it’s Puma and if you were listening on May 18th when we said to “Pounce”, you’d already be in this review. Read on . . . WESTWARD, MA: No one […]

As Predicted: Major WPP Client Begins Global Creative Review: Ford (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: A client I worked on while at J. Walter Thompson in the ’80s could be leaving WPP. In fact, Ford has been with JWT For-Freaking-Ever!! (plus before “forever” they had the account in 1911) Talk about flipping the bird at people on the way in (when Sir Martin bought the agency in 1986) […]

As predicted: Dunkin’ Donuts puts creative up for review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s one we saw coming months ago and we hope you were on top of the news. Dunkin’ Donuts will start a review this month so there’s still time. JUMP!! CANTON, MA: Just three months after naming a new U.S. chief marketing officer, Dunkin’ Donuts has put its U.S. creative business up for review and […]

We called another one right: Uber puts Creative & Media up for Review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: On August 28th, our headline was “Start revving up your engines for this expected ad review“. We hope you were listening because then you’d already be in this pitch. Sounds like the creative portion of the pitch will be easier to get in to. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Uber is seeking a global creative […]

IMAX is in Review: We predicted this in July (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: On July 27th we told you all “we smell an account review” and here it is! They seem to talking a BIG game so this is very exciting! Read On! NEW YORK, NY: After changing up its marketing leadership team this summer, Imax is ready to bring on a new global creative agency […]

As Ratti Predicted: Georgina Chapman seeks PR agency (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Last week we reported “Brand that will be needing work because of Harvey Weinstein” and here we are. We hope you jumped on this when we reported it. Here’s the story from US Weekly. NEW YORK, NY: Georgina Chapman is seeking out support from crisis management professionals after numerous women have come forward with […]

Ratti Report gets another account review prediction right: Subway (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Guys, when we make a prediction, move on it so you don’t have to read about a review you should be part of in AdAge. Here’s the link to our prediction. we made on the 18th. MILFORD, CT: Subway is launching a formal North America agency review that could include bringing creative and […]

As predicted in January: Visit Florida goes into review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: On January 11th we told you all that it was time to contact Visit Florida because we predicted the account would go into review. Click here to see that post. TALLAHASSEE, FL: The destination marketing organization has issued an RFP for Brand Creative and Production Services. Visit Florida is looking for a partner […]

Ratti Report predicts another account review: Under Armour (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: As predicted earlier this week, a company can’t just sit around when the stock tanks and not review advertising. This time it’s the media planning & buying for Under Armour. BALTIMORE, MD: Under Armour is reviewing for a new media agency, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Omnicom Media Group’s Optimum Sports […]

Account Change Prediction: Real Estate platform, (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: You don’t just bring in the global head of advertising from Paypal who was also with mcgarrybowen when they won an Effie award for their Droid campaign and don’t shake it ALL up. Expect an account review in the coming months. LOS ANGELES, CA: Proffer, a new real estate platform poised to reinvent the industry, announced […]

As Ratti Report predicted: Diet Coke finally to replace Droga5 (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Back in May, after Diet Coke killed a campaign after only 11 months with Droga5, we told y’all the agency was toast. Well, they were fired in July and now this. We hope you were getting your ducks in a row to pounce on this blue chip account. ATLANTA, GA: Coca Cola Co. is looking […]

As Ratti Report predicted: Chipotle goes into review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Back in late June we told our members that Chipotle’s Hail Mary loyalty program wasn’t going to work and that an account review was imminent. Well, here we go. Pile & Company is handling the pitch. DENVER, CO: Fast casual chain Chipotle has begun the process of bringing a new ad agency partner on board to help […]

As we predicted in April: GMC revs-up creative review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Back in April we told y’all we thought either GMC or Buick would go into review. We hope you jumped on it cause here’re go! From the client – “Our current agencies of record, Leo Burnett and Digitas, will participate in this process. This RFP is specific to GMC and does not impact […]

As we predicted 6/15/16: Jägermeister account hires new shop (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Back in June we said to y’all “It’s time to call on Jägermeister“. Well it looks like none of y’all did cause Opperman Weiss just won the business. Guys, please, when I make these predictions, JUMP. It’s way more fun when one of my members win!!! NEW ROCHELLE, NY: Jägermeister has hired Opperman Weiss […]

As predicted 2/19/16: Famous Dave’s went into review (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Back in February we told you about the turnaround expert that Famous Dave’s hired as CMO and that we expected him to put the account in review. Just saying’. Keep checking my account review predictions everyday!! MINNETONKA, MN: BBQ chain Famous Dave’s of America appointed Minneapolis-based agency Colle+McVoy as its agency of record, tasked […]

As Ratti Report predicted on 6/14/16: Twitter account goes into review

Steve’s breakdown: On June 14th we told you the “Twitter & TBWA/Chiat/Day were splitsville” and said the account would go into review. We hope you were listening and have already received the RFP. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: A source within the Twitter organization has now confirmed that the social network recently issued an RFP to several unnamed agencies. […]

As predicted on March 28th, Pizza Hut account changes hands

Steve’s breakdown: Back in March, we said the Pizza Hut account would be in review and now it looks like that’s exactly what happened. This post is just a reminded to pay attention to our Account Review Predictions! PLANO, TX: Droga5 is set to become Pizza Hut’s new lead agency. The chain late last year reached out […]

As we predicted 12/21/15: Red Robin goes into review

Steve’s breakdown: We called this one back in December folks. You just can’t make the heavy users look crazy. The same thing happen with PetSmart last year. OY! Hope you took action and you’re already in the pitch. GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO: Casual dining chain Red Robin is currently in the midst of a full creative review. […]

As Ratti Report predicted on 8/21/15: Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s ad review

Steve’s breakdown: No other new business tool predicted this account review. (Click this link to see our report). In fact, when this review started in January, it was completely confidential so unless you were a member of Ratti Report, you were in the dark. This is the kind of new business intel we offer every day! […]

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