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Bad Creative Sparks Global Ad Review

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CEO Bails on Social Media Platform

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Another Ratti Forecasted Ad Review comes to Fruition: T-Mobile

Steve’s breakdown: Back in April (see below) we told y’all “New T-Mobile will be shedding & hiring new agencies” and here we are. Make sure to keep an eye on our account review predictions because, believe it or not, they happen! (unlike our competition) BELLEVUE, WA: As 2020 draws to a close, T-Mobile has launched […]

Samsung in Digital & Media Review: Call Headquarters!

Steve’s breakdown: Wouldn’t you know it. 4:45pm a day before Juneteenth, Samsung announces it’s going into review. So, if you are part of Interpublic Group of Cos., Dentsu Aegis Network or WPP, it’s time to call headquarters to get you agency’s ass in this pitch! The rest of you, contact consutlancy R3 to make sure […]

Website & Mobile APP Client Pitches are Up!

Steve’s breakdown: According to some, Mobile & Website pitches are up because that’s how clients are connecting with their clients at the right price now-a-days. Go 6 minutes and 32 seconds into this video and hear what R/GA CEO Sean Lyons says about the pitch process. And speaking of a mobile APP clients, check out […]

New client will be shedding & hiring new agencies

Steve’s breakdown: As we said in February, a lot of agencies are going to be swopped out once the Sprint/T-Mobile merger was completed. (see below) Well, here we are and now it’s time get serious if you haven’t already about the New T-Mobile. BTW: This spot is just another version of Verizon’s old “Can You […]

Mobile App Game is Back but what about advertising

Steve’s breakdown: “HQ Trivia Returns Thanks to Anonymous Investor” is the headline and I’m sure you know why. Cause what else are we going to do at home? And now this this investor, theu have got to get the word out. We’d say it worth a call to Rus Yusupov, co-founder & still alive guy […]

Lots of agencies are getting fired very soon so start your engines

Steve’s breakdown: We hate to say things about agencies getting fired but let’s face it, not every agency servicing T-Mobile & Sprint are going to survive the merger. They just won’t so get your research team together and pick you targets and start writing those decks! BELLEVUE, WA & OVERLAND PARK, KS: The federal judge […]

As we forecasted this summer, Groupon goes into review

Steve’s breakdown: We saw the writing on the wall when Groupon brought in Grand Prix Titanium at Cannes winner, Craig Rowley from REI to be CMO. (See our prediction below) Now it looks as if the review has already started with DDB as one of the contenders. We hope you were listening before and you’re […]

Do you fancy a phone client?

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Financial North American RFI is Out

Steve’s breakdown: The Experian RFI looks to be for PR but there’s always room for spreading out those services when they haven’t formally pulled the trigger on the review. Gerry Tschopp, SVP, head of global external communications, and chief communications officer at Experian is the contact. [email protected] COSTA MESA, CA & DUBLIN, Ireland: Credit data company Experian […]

1,289 stores set to seek new agency

Steve’s breakdown: Prime Communications is buying 1,289 AT&T retail stores and you know they’ll be looking into advertising right out of the gate. SUGAR LAND, TX: GameStop is getting out of the mobile phone business as it moves to sharpen its focus on videogames and collectibles. GameStop Corp. has entered into an agreement to sell its Spring […]

The Douchebag Factor is not enough

Steve’s breakdown: Considering every latenight show makes fun of every guy who vapes, you’d think the trend would slowdown. That said, the FDA is cracking down on the e-cigarette industry and we think this is a great time to reach out to those in the crosshairs. Pick one: the Juul, NJOY, Rejuve, Vap Hub and […]

Mani Pedi CMO job opening

Steve’s breakdown: Snailz, Inc. is a mobile app that’s ready to hit the runway. Help find their next CMO and you can come with. Here’s the job description: NEW YOR, NY: Company Description Snailz mobile beauty app is growing rapidly. We are available in NYC, Brooklyn and Northern NJ and adding new salons daily. We […]

“Coming Soon” to a hand near you: New Phone Who Should Be Calling New Agencies

Steve’s breakdown: Samsung doesn’t even have a name for the foldable phone but we suspect a few calls to their marketing folks are in order. Pretty ad are nice but we think some tech talk might be the ticket to better sales. RICHARDSON, TX: Samsung just announced a smartphone that can fold in half. It’s […]

Car Service in Review

Steve’s breakdown: Fair is the company and The Burnett Collective is handling the pitch so make sure your creds are up to date over there. Good Luck! SANTA MONICA, CA: Upstart vehicle subscription brand Fair has launched an agency review as it prepares to go national and boost its marketing spending. The brand, whose investors include BMW, […]

Real Estate Company Shake-up Could Include Agency review

Steve’s breakdown: There are just too many changes going on at Zillow not to take a look at their 6+ year relationship with Deutsch. Read on . . . SEATTLE, WA: Zillow Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: Z;Nasdaq: ZG), which houses a portfolio of the largest and most vibrant real estate and home-related brands on mobile and web, […]

Technology giant in “chemistry” stage of account review

Steve’s breakdown: Consumer electronics business Garmin is seeking ‘a modern approach’ as it launches a PR pitch in the UK and Ireland via CreativeBrief. Even though it’s an international review, it’s always a good idea to make sure your credentials are up to date at the search consultant just in case they want to throw in […]

It’s about that time for their annual account review

Steve’s breakdown: Lyft has had an account review every year since 2015 and with this new CMO, we think it’s about time for the next one. Try [email protected] SAN FRANCISCO, CA: As the Lyft brand continues to grow and strengthen, so does our leadership team! We are excited to share that Joy Howard is joining […]

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