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There’s a Green Account for Your Agency in Boosting Fuel Economy

Steve’s breakdown: “The Biden administration wants automakers to raise gas mileage and cut tailpipe pollution between now and model year 2026” is the line but what does it mean new business wise. It means pitching green – green – green to auto and every industry who want to go green. This wave is not going […]

Election Results

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want but Cannabis Clients are a real thing every agency should be looking into getting in the game of this ever growing industry. BTW: I be Idaho, Nebraska & Kansas could grow some nice cannabis. What are they waiting for? NJ, SD, MO & AZ: The once widely controversial issue […]

Supreme Court Opens the Gates

Steve’s breakdown: wins Supreme Court case to Trademark its name” is the headline and some say that opens the door to companies like or going for the same. We don’t think that’s the case. Those are WAY to generic and singularly defined. “Booking” could mean your traveling really fast. As in “Jesus, […]

$10.5 Billion later . . . a new ad campaign is needed

Steve’s breakdown: This is two Bayer leads in two days. Roundup has finally taken care of its lawsuit. Does Roundup cause cancer? $10.5 billion dollars says yes but are they going to do anything about it? Hopefully but in the meantime, it’s time to fix the brands and that could include a new advertising campaign. […]

Launching a bank will require an ad agency

Steve’s breakdown: Square got “OK” from FDIC to open a bank and they’re going to need a lot of help to do it. Just checkout their “Careers” page. That’s proof enough for us. So give theiur CEO, Lewis Goodwin, a ring and get the ball rolling SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Square, which revolutionized the processing of digital […]

Stretching the truth in ads could strain agency relationship

Steve’s breakdown: Capital One is in a little hot water via The National Advertising Division regarding their cash back card. The featured ad is one of the culprits. Will this hiccup mess with their agency relationships? Someone had to approve the ads. Worth taking a look. At the very least, it’s worth researching NAD to […]

Lots of agencies are getting fired very soon so start your engines

Steve’s breakdown: We hate to say things about agencies getting fired but let’s face it, not every agency servicing T-Mobile & Sprint are going to survive the merger. They just won’t so get your research team together and pick you targets and start writing those decks! BELLEVUE, WA & OVERLAND PARK, KS: The federal judge […]

Time to get into OTC drugs & supplements

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Campaign Idea: Trial by Public Opinion in Beer Biz

Steve’s breakdown: Pabst says MillerCoors is trying to put it out of business but maybe a campaign to save all of it is in order. It’s worth a meeting if you have the ideas. Miller would HATE this!!! LOS ANGELES, CA: Pabst Brewing Company and MillerCoors are heading to trial to settle a contract dispute in […]

The Douchebag Factor is not enough

Steve’s breakdown: Considering every latenight show makes fun of every guy who vapes, you’d think the trend would slowdown. That said, the FDA is cracking down on the e-cigarette industry and we think this is a great time to reach out to those in the crosshairs. Pick one: the Juul, NJOY, Rejuve, Vap Hub and […]

Opioids + J&J + NJ = Lead

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Virginia is for Lovers of . . .

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New Business, GDPR & European Clients

Steve’s breakdown: The GDPR is now so trending on Google it’s beating out Beyoncé. Our point is Americas are freaking out which makes us think pitching European clients who do business in the US and who have a complete handle on things is the idea to pursue. Let’s say the BBC or The Guardian, Trinity Mirror or Sky […]

Bookies Lose, You Win!

Steve’s breakdown: There are over 20 states that will probably start sports betting and you need to find the players before the competition does. These guys will be spending real money so call your bookie and find out where they’re going. EVERYWHERE, USA: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that states can legalize sports betting, breaking up Nevada’s monopoly […]

Opportunity? Retailers in for big hit if U.S. exits NAFTA

Steve’s breakdown: Where are they? The “opportunities” I mean. In Canada and Mexico? That’s not a bad bet whether we bail of NAFTA or not. Maybe shift to American made only retailers? That couldn’t hurt either. The most important thing to remember is Retail is the most important category for consumer driven marketing firms. Advertising is […]

Cock Fight!!

Steve’s breakdown: So Tyson said the new Perdue Farms advertising is misleading. It suggests that all Purdue chicken is organic, not just the Harvestland Organic label. Now Purdue is fighting back and bringing it to the National Advertising Review Board. Frankly, and the founder of the company loved being called Frank, we see this as a bit of […]

Spanish company soils an Italian Brand Name: Are you the “Fixer”?

Steve’s breakdown: The Bertolli name has been tarnished and it looks to be Deoleo USA‘s fault because they just paid $7 million to make it go away. Now they probably have to make good on fixing the brand because they are not the only company selling products under the Bernoulli name. ConAgra’s Bertolli frozen meals comes to mind. Anyway, […]

Time to get into the match making game!

Steve’s breakdown: Bumble and Tinder are at each others throats but neither are really using advertising to win the fight. Well, they are a little bit. Tinder bought the URL which is just cheep. Which is the point, these folks are using lawyers and not public opinion which can be swayed by YOU. So get in the […]

Out from under a cloud, time to advertise

Steve’s breakdown: Now with the labor lawsuit behind them, Houlihan’s now looks ready to spread it’s wings without shame. Arnold Worldwide had the account but I don’t think anything has been done in years. LEAWOOD, KS: The owner of Saddle Brook-based A.C.E. Restaurant Group Inc. and A.C.E. Restaurant Group of New York LLC, doing business as Houlihan’s, agreed […]

Reason 43 to get a cannabis account

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A New Client Category is born on Election day: WEED

Steve’s breakdown: There are real grown-up cannabis client in Washington and Colorado states and New Jersey & Virginia are next. So call your “connection” and get in line STATEWIDE, NJ: New Jersey voters elected Phil Murphy to serve as the Garden State’s next governor on Tuesday. Murphy, a former U.S. ambassador to Germany, consistently argued in […]

Breweries: The Category that scored Election Day

Steve’s breakdown: Whether you agree with Tuesday’s election results or not, it was a good day for Breweries & Brew pubs. So start doing the research in your neck-of-the-woods and pitch, drink, pitch, drink and then do some pitching. Here’s the deal in my home state: NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Brewers Association announces list of Pro-Brewery […]

Who’s handling the launch of this giant caffeine product

Steve’s breakdown: It’s actually the relaunch of Alert Energy Gum as Alert Caffeine Gum from Wrigley’s. The brand is not even on their website yet so get fired-up and pounce. Try Ms. Orla Mitchell at [email protected] or 312-644-2121. She’s the CMO. CHICAGO, IL: Dive Brief: Mars Wrigley is relaunching a caffeine-enhanced gum that it first introduced in 2013, […]

Birth of a $10 million drug account

Steve’s breakdown: FDA has approved a drug to treat ADHD that some say will generate $500 million in sales. Time to give them a hearty congrats! LEXINGTON, MA: The FDA has approved a Shire plc drug for ADHD that has the same active ingredient as an extended-release version of Adderall but is designed to last longer than […]

National brand runs into legal issues

Steve’s breakdown: Payless Car Rental has the BBB on their backs and the damage could be far worse than they deserve. If you know how that goes, you might want to give’m a ring. SAINT PETERSBURG, FL: The Better Business Bureau is issuing a nationwide warning to customers about Payless Car Rental, a major car […]

This beer news should spark a campaign pitch

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s one for the “Yeah – Duh” department. Budweiser and their giveaways have been muscling out the competition at stores & bars for years. Now they’re in legal hot water. On a sweet note, what a great excuse to get crazy with a campaign pitch sheading light on this situation. I’m sure any brewer […]

Bev company has to change tune or go through FDA

Steve’s breakdown: US watchdog has warned Jus Bar over cancer-prevention claims and that could mean a total re-branding. NEW YORK, NY: The US Food & Drug Administration has instructed juice maker Jus Bar to remove claims that its products can help prevent ailments including cancer and hangovers. In a letter sent to Jus Bar last month, […]

A new .gov account is born

Steve’s breakdown: The Opioid Task Force “launched” today with the appointment of Chris Christie as its leader. Now for funding. New Jersey got $1 million to fight opioid abuse so who knows what the country will get allocated. $20 million . . . . ? WASHINGTON, DC: Choice of governor praised, but critics say action and […]

Free at last: Stonyfield Farms

Steve’s breakdown: Looks like Danone has to unload Stonyfield Farms to buy WhiteWave foods.  This news actually makes this post a 2fer – lead wise. Anyway, check into Stoneyfield. I pitched them back in the day and to say they’re serious about their naturalness is an understatement. LONDONDERRY, NH: French food group Danone (DANO.PA) said […]

Cancer drug gets approval: Sales expected in billions

Steve’s breakdown: So who’s doing the creative work? As far as we can see, there is no agency-of-record so jump in. WALTHAM, MA: TESARO, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSRO) today announced a substantial expansion of its niraparib clinical development program. Following the landmark results of the Phase 3 NOVA trial of niraparib, a comprehensive portfolio review, and the FDA approval […]

Rounding up the mess of RoundUp at Monsanto

Steve’s breakdown: As if we all didn’t already suspect RoundUp can kill more than weeds . . . Anyway, I feel a new product development project coming on. One that comes from the marketing department, not research. If you know what I mean. SAINT LOUIS, MO: California Superior Court Judge Kristi Culver Kapetan recently ruled California can […]

FDA approves muscular dystrophy drug

Steve’s breakdown: Marathon Pharmaceuticals is the company and Duchenne is the drug. They do not have an agency of record and they are going to need one. Joe Nolan is the Chief Commercial Officer and he’s at [email protected] NORTHBROOK, IL: The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that it has approved privately-held Marathon Pharmaceuticals’ Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug Emflaza. Emflaza […]

The 6th largest economy in the world is about to legalize pot

Steve’s breakdown: And there are lot’s of companies already lining up to hit the ground running. Catch the wave in California and help these folks out! The story below talks about one of these companies. CALIFORNIA: The “Uber for weed” startup Eaze has grown quite a bit over the last year and it intends to expand even […]

New York goes all in on fantasy sports

Steve’s breakdown: Considering all the hanky-panky that went on with FanDuel and DraftKings, I bet there will be additional players in the mix. Check into these guys: – DraftPot: Play without a salary cap. Draft anyone you want. I like DraftPot. – DraftDay – FantasyDraft – StarsDraft *formerly Victiv: Now owned by the same company that owns PokerStars. – StarStreet – FanThrowdown – DraftOps – […]

Herbalife gets a second life

Steve’s breakdown: So Herbalife is not a pyramid scheme. Or at least the court convicted the company to stop operating like one. Now distributors are going to get paid on what they sell, not on how many people they recruit. It’s a big shift and getting the right campaign out there will be crucial. Are you […]

Taking over the entire oncology therapeutic market

Steve’s breakdown: Keep an eye on Gilead because this is big. The new drug is called Epculusa and we expect they are going to throw a boatload of cash behind the launch. No word on who’s handling the advertising as of yet. FOSTER CITY, CA: Gilead Science, Inc. has developed drug pipeline worth $21 billion and plans to […]

Supreme Court Abortion Decision Will Open New Business Opportunities

Steve’s breakdown: However you feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Texas law regarding women’s health, the one thing that will happen is the opening of more healthcare facilities in the state. There will probably similar rulings in Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Wisconsin so stay tuned if healthcare is in your wheelhouse. TX […]

Brexit = Better chances for American agencies to land Global accounts

Steve’s breakdown: For almost all ad agencies in the UK, the Brexit was bad news. Check out the statements made by top executives below. For agencies on this side of the pond, they will now will be considered better positioned to represent global accounts. Time to call back every Global account you’ve ever pitched!! Martin Sorrell Chief […]

FDA Approves Hypertension Drug Byvalson

Steve’s breakdown: Byvalson is the first fixed-dose beta blocker/ARB combo in the U.S. so we think there may be decent ad dollars behind the drug. Allergen is the owner of the brand and my sources do not list an AOR. Here’s their number 862-261-7000 PARSIPPANY, NJ: Byvalson (nebivolol/valsartan, Allergan) 5 mg/80 mg tablets have won FDA approval for the treatment […]

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