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Can You Change This Perception?

Steve’s breakdown: ‘Please don’t call us anti-gay’ is what Chick-fil-A is saying but how can they actually make that sentiment stick? Maybe you have the answer. ATLANTA, GA: Chick-fil-A has responded to officials at Rider University, who nixed the fast-food chain as a potential on-campus dining options because of its anti-gay history. “Rider University’s survey was […]

Disney’s branding problem

Steve’s breakdown: Check out the options they tested for the new name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Disney Beyond Park, Disney Cinemagic Park, Disney Cinemagine Park, Disney Hyperia Park, Disney Kaleidoscope Park, Disney Legends Park, Disney Storyverse Park and Disney XL Park. OOF! Clearly they need some help and the name change is only the beginning. Read more […]

Lux Car Company has to turn it ALL around

Steve’s breakdown: The line is: Maserati seeks to reverse sales, profit slide after being treated ‘almost like a mass-market brand’ If you not the featured video, it is an ad from 2013 and that’s where they need to go back to. Automotive News MILAN, Italy & AUBURN HILLS, MI: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ slumping Maserati business is […]

$6 million film account with a new partner opens door

Steve’s breakdown: Looking for an Apple account but are on the “Right Coast”? Well, we might have that for ya. A24 Films is partnering with Apple and they are going to have to promote their films some way but they have no AOR. What’s an agency to do . . . . ? Deadline | […]

The Leads in the Wake of Amazon’s Decision

Steve’s breakdown: Well, Amazon will be putting 1/2 of its new Headquarters in Long Island City. For those who don’t know, you can’t get closer to Mid-Town Manhattan and not be in Manhattan than Long Island City. This will change everything and here’s what you might want to be looking at. Real Estate clients! Residential, […]

JUMP On this Restaurant account before They Step in Something

Steve’s breakdown: It’s all new at El Pollo Loco restaurants. We’re not sure if they have picked out an agency to do the new advertising to match the new logo and store design so the fast you get on this, the better. COSTA MESA, CA: El Pollo Loco’s rebrand will focus on Hispanic consumers & […]

Have you thought about a fruit account?

Steve’s breakdown: Well here’s your chance. Dole is changing everything up and why shouldn’t it mean ad agencies too. Take a look. Xavier Roussel, vice president of marketing and sustainability, seems to be the contact. WEST LAKE, VILLAGE, CA: Dole Food Co has unveiled a new logo and brand identity for all company products, including […]

Why are they killing a famous agency brand?

Steve’s breakdown: So now we’re killing the Kirshenbaum & Bond brand? What the sam-hell is going on out there. Some creatives worship this brand and we’re just going to kill it. Check into every client at the agency to see if they also want to bail. In yet another major change at MDC Partners, Forsman & Bodenfors […]

The easiest pitch in the world

Steve’s breakdown: We love it when CEOs start spouting out the big picture like Dirk is below. All you have to do is convince him you can manifest his vision. It’s that easy. Easiest pitch in the world. “Try it, you’ll like it.” DEERFIELD, IL: Mondelez International revealed the company’s new tagline Friday — “Snacking […]

Brand revamp without an agency?

Steve’s breakdown: That’s right, J. Crew is planning a brand revamp and there’s no agency on the case. W-H-A-T? We think a call to the new CEO, James Brett, is in order. Try [email protected] or 212-209-2500. NEW YORK, NY: J. Crew on Tuesday reported that total second quarter revenues rose 3% year over year to $587.6 million as comparable […]

Revamping a household name but who’s doing advertising?

Steve’s breakdown: “Butterball is revamping its turkey brand with new product offerings, consumer-friendly labels, packaging and consumer marketing campaigns. The company also has hired Jeff Mundt to fill the newly created role of vice-president of research and development and innovation.” My question is, are they hiring a revamped ad agency or going with the old […]

New Ad Agency has to be next at “TV Company”

Steve’s breakdown: The heads must be spinning over at Hulu so get in there to pitch the business while they’re still dizzy. Dan Phillips seems to be your man. SANTA MONICA, CA: Hulu has overhauled its top management, with Joel Stillerman, the chief content officer, and Tim Connolly, senior VP of partnerships and distribution, leaving the […]

Six Candy Accounts to be Reviewed

Steve’s breakdown: Brands Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Crunch, SweeTarts, LaffyTaffy and Nerds are all getting a makeover and the CEO tells you exactly how they’re going to do it below. CHICAGO, IL:  The “crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery” Butterfinger chocolate bar may look and taste a little different by the end of the year. It’s the first of […]

Disney in Play

Steve’s breakdown: The Oceania portion of the media planning & buying account is in play. Why would Disney only review this region? Everyone else is doing this globally. Take a look at this link. Anyway, this smell fishy and we think y’all need to keep an eye on these folks with their global movie launches and […]

Paleo diet company is positioned for first agency

Steve’s breakdown: Three Things: Caveman Foods just appointed former Starbucks executive Jeff Hansberry as CEO They now have all new packaging Their social media is getting them nowhere Add these 3 up and you have yourself a lead. Start with the new guy! 925-979-9515 SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Caveman Foods, an innovator and leading producer of healthy […]

Going Big with New Zealand Vodka needs Big Advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Broken Shed Vodka has got a new CMO and EVP of Business Development on top of skyrocketing sales. Now the plan is to go National and that’s where you come in. They are based in Connecticut and because they are new-ish, this is what we have for an email: [email protected] You’re looking for Jean-Marie Heins the CMO. […]

GIRLS 2019!!

Steve’s breakdown: Welcome to Scouts BSA! The “new” Boy Scouts have never recruited girls in a full scale manner so they might be needing some guidance. Are You Prepared to Lend a Hand? IRVING, TX: For 108 years, the Boy Scouts of America‘s flagship program has been known simply as the Boy Scouts. With girls soon entering […]

Make advertising the saviour of this 170+ year old company

Steve’s breakdown: See those hearts? Those and many other “Penny Candies” you know are made by Necco. The company is in some trouble and an ex-CEO is try to save the place with a GoFundMe page. But here’s the thing, I don’t think he knows how GoFundMe pages work!! Help this guy create a viral campaign […]

This brand is about to morph yet again: You In?

Steve’s breakdown: And speaking of Make-overs, Fresca has had so many Coca-Cola should just let it go but here we go again. They say they are could be sitting on a potential “Goldmine” but they have to get out of the way to make this happen. That’s Your Cue Ratti Nation!! ATLANTA, GA: Brief: Coca-Cola […]

Seems to still be hitting the fan at this car company brand

Steve’s breakdown: What the SamHell is going on at Cadillac? Presidents don’t just up and leave a company leaving the newly hired CMO in a lurch. People are actually wondering if the CMO is going to be okay. Time to hit-up the new president with a hearty “Congrats” and a “what’s going on?”. NEW YORK, NY: […]

Blowing out retail brand with marketing investment

Steve’s breakdown: The best performing store at J. Crew is Madewell and they are going all in on the brand. That’s going to include more aggressive advertising and they don’t have an agency. NEW YORK, NY: J.Crew Group is looking to its Madewell division to make up for continuing slumping sales as its namesake division. […]

Alexa could be finding a new ad agency

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The tragic Trump Bump in Billboard Advertising

Steve’s breakdown: It’s time to take it to the streets y’all! If you’re pitching a client or wanting to pitch a client, whatever, now is the time to make that sale with a Billboard Strategy.  (even though these are terrible reasons for it to be happening) EVERYWHERE, USA: Here are just 2 stories that reflect […]

There’s another pitch to drink-in at PepsiCo

Steve’s breakdown: Gatorade just hired Work & Co to help the brand with digital innovation, specifically focused around increasing engagement with consumers but we don’t think it’s going to stop there. Beware traditional agency roster of PepsiCo. Gatorade is in bigger trouble than a digital agency can fix. Check out the brief below for more details. CHICAGO, […]

North & South American Sports Org’s marketing overhaul

Steve’s breakdown: PanAmSports has a new logo but the marketing is not “overhauled” yet. Alexandra Orlando is the marketing director and is your contact person. Tel.: +52 55 57054657 MEXICO CITY, Mexico: A new logo has been launched by PanAmSports as part of a fresh marketing strategy following the arrival of new President, Neven Ilic. Plans for a new logo […]

Launching a luxury car brand

Steve’s breakdown: Genesis is set to have its own dealerships and that, my friends, is the birth of a new auto ad account. Not sure who will be doing the work but we do know the budget will be around $20 million. FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA: Genesis is to working hard to distinguish itself as the luxury arm […]

Gallo account review prediction

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Is new advertising to come with their new store design?

Steve’s breakdown: Subway is the store changing its look and we can’t help to think they will be doing the same with advertising. At the very least, everything has to be re-shot to reflect the redesign. MILFORD, CT: Subway is debuting a new look. On Monday, the fast-casual restaurant chain unveiled a new store design intended […]

Got a better/cheaper way? This restaurant Co wants to know

Steve’s breakdown: Pollo Tropical & Taco Cabana are two chains owned by Fiesta Restaurant Group which is under fire by investors to cut costs. And when we say under fire, like one of their steaks on the grill so get in there and save the day. ADDISON, TX: Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc., which in April closed 30 […]

Restaurant Shifts Ad Gears after Going in the Ditch

Steve’s breakdown: Papa Murphy’s went national with their last ad campaign and it “didn’t pay the bills.” It makes sense when they don’t have any stores in the Northeast. So now they have to rethink their strategy. Maybe you have one that’s new and can pay the bills. VANCOUVER, WA: Papa Murphy’s Holdings Inc.’s first national […]

Internal competition = Opportunity in retail

Steve’s breakdown: So the line that matters is “Whichever model — Macy’s Bluemercury or its Backstage brand — performs best this year will be rolled out “aggressively” in 2018″. So pick one, I would go with Backstage, and see how you can help get it over the finishline. CINCINNATI, OH: On the heels of a disappointing […]

Plus size fashion company to hit the mall

Steve’s breakdown: This could be a tough one to make happen and some experienced hands on the job will help. Here’s the deal. Juno Active has been a catalog company turned eCommerce retailer that now is opening a 32,000 square foot store in the Mall of America. MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MN: A pure player specializing in activewear for plus-size […]

Giant retailer changing strategy

Steve’s breakdown: With all this renovation of CVS going healthy, which I think is great, they have to be thinking about changing up their marketing strategy. Could be an opening . . . WOONSOCKET, RI: Three years after abolishing tobacco sales, the nation’s largest drugstore chain is reducing space devoted to junk food and general merchandise. CVS Health plans […]

GreenWise stores going for broke

Steve’s breakdown: Get in now with the health wise  GreenWise store. This is new money being spent so get in before/if it runs out. LAKELAND, FL: Public Super Markets is revving up for growth in the organic and natural foods store space. Publix announced plans to reignite its GreenWise store concept. The grocer launched the format […]

Getting a Twitter Bill: What a Concept

Steve’s breakdown: Didn’t see that one coming did ya? To be honest, it hasn’t happened yet but judging by the attitude investors have about Twitter, they better start sending out Twitter Bills right now. And with that, they are going to need a totally different marketing strategy to get folks to pay to Tweet. Maybe you know […]

Sneakiest new logo rollout: What’s next Whirlpool

Steve’s breakdown: Did Whirlpool just start using a new logo last month and then quietly announced the change on a Friday in India? I think they did. What’s next Whirlpool? A new ad agency without a review? Better start circling the wagons and head in there pronto. Whirlpool Corporation, manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, […]

It’s a good time to give Kohl’s a call

Steve’s breakdown: As Kohl’s begins to refocus their business, they’ll have to tell their customer what’s happening. That’s your cue. MENOMONEE Falls, WI: After closing 19 stores in 2016, Kohl’s executives said on Thursday that the chain will continue whittling its square footage over time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will have fewer locations. Instead, as […]

Rebranding Spike TV to Paramount Network

Steve’s breakdown: Not sure who’s going to do the work but this seems to be a big deal that they can’t screw-up. Better make sure they do it right. NEW YORK, NY: Viacom will rebrand Spike TV as Paramount Network. Sources tell Variety that the move is part of a new company-wide strategy set to be unveiled by CEO Bob Bakish Thursday. […]

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