News: Marketing shift

Urban Outfitters goes into the Pizza Biz

Steve’s breakdown: Jumping the Shark or Just crazy enough to work? Either way, they’ll need some help with brand development for what’s to come out of Pizzeria Vetri. Read on . . . PHILADELPHIA, PA: How about a slice of pizza with that $54 Stapleford Black Watch plaid flannel shirt? Urban Outfitters, whose shares have […]

Red Robin still learning to fly

Steve’s breakdown: So good steps like paying by tablet and some bad steps like dumping 3 NFL team deals keeps Red Robin not sure of the future . Worth a call. GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. customers continued to order more appetizers, desserts and drinks in the third quarter, but traffic remained […]

Genesis 2.0: Hyundai’s Genesis to Become Separate Luxury Brand

Steve’s breakdown: Repositioning Genesis as a separate luxury brand is going to take a lot of work and a lot of new thinking. Look for Genesis to hire a separate luxury agency! MOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA: As much as Hyundai’s brand reputation has improved tremendously from its early days of peddling disposable cars like the Excel at rock-bottom prices, it’s […]

Coty getting her ducks in a row

Steve’s breakdown: Coty’s new Organizational Structure and Future Executive Team has been announced. As we’ve said before, there will be a lot of movement with all accounts involved so do the research on who’s who and where. Then attack. NEW YORK, NY: Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) announced today a new organizational structure and the future leadership […]

They are changing it all up at

Steve’s breakdown: Instead of providing in-home services, they are just going to hook people up with home improvement resources. That’s a complete turn around and they are going to have to get the word out. That’s your cue. SEATTLE, WA: Seattle home-improvement startup announced Thursday it has acquired San Francisco-based Fountain and will use […]

Hogan’s Beach will be rebranded, renamed; Hulk memorabilia is gone

Steve’s breakdown: Hulk Hogan is out at Hogan Beach. A new name, identity, the works are being redone. No word on who’s doing the work. Check out the news video about why the change at this link. TAMPA, FL: The signs are down, but the restaurant and bar remain open. So the question is: what […]

Shiseido relaunching it all with Beauty vs. the World

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want about the new creative, they are going with it. What’s curious is how they are going with it. Read the whole story then hit’em with a brilliant digital strategy. See more creative at this link: NEW YORK, NY & SINGAPORE: Shiseido has unveiled an updated strategy to establish itself […] does a complete about-face: No annual fee

Steve’s breakdown:‘s is pulling a Crazy Ivan! That should include marketing especially because the campaign R/GA is was funny but the brand can’t deliver. See featured video. MONTCLAIR, NJ: is abandoning its business model just three months after it launched in order to broaden its appeal to shoppers. The startup announced Wednesday that it has […]

ABC Family channel to be renamed Freeform

Steve’s breakdown: First, the funny part. ABC is calling 14-to-34-year-olds “becomers”. Sounds creepy. Secondly, they are trying to create a more natural bridge from the Disney channel to ABC for viewers says marketing chief Nigel Cox-Hagan. They might need some help with that. NEW YORK: ABC Family has been a bit of an anachronism for years now. […]

Boulder Running Company stores to be rebranded JackRabbit

Steve’s breakdown: If you keep buying up one-off stores, what do you get? 20 different brands all over the country. Well, they fixed it but now comes the hard work. Giv’em a ring. DENVER, CO: Boulder Running Company stores are being renamed JackRabbit as Running Specialty Group seeks to create a unified brand across its […]

The Reader’s Digest Association is now Trusted Media Brands

Steve’s breakdown: I’m not buying this name change and believe they will be backtracking soon enough. Stay tuned OR get in there now and fix this ridiculous new name. BTW: As of right now, their new corporate website does not work. NEW YORK, NY: Bonnie Kintzer was running her own marketing agency in 2013 […]

Sometimes cutting 1100 jobs means new agency

Steve’s breakdown: Now that Groupon is firing all these folks, who’s to say the ad agency ins’t next. Our guess is they would be open to marketing programs that are more efficient. Worth a try. . . CHCAGO, IL: Groupon is cutting 1,100 jobs in the coming year, roughly 10 percent of its workforce. The […]

Bentley Motors now sells shirts

Steve’s breakdown: They are trying to expand the brand but what if they could use their collection to find potential buyers of their cars. I bet you could figure that out. BOSTON, MA: British automaker Bentley Motors is continuing to establish itself as a choice purveyor of more than just cars. Yesterday, the company unveiled […]

DirectBuy overhaul e-commerce strategy

Steve’s breakdown: When companies “overhaul” stuff I take notice. For instance, these guys used to spend over $20 million in advertising. In 2013, they barely spent one million. Maybe they were waiting for this overhaul . . . MERRILLVILLE, IN: Members-only showroom chain DirectBuy is overhauling its e-commerce strategy as the retailer focuses on improving its […]

Skype with no agency

Steve’s breakdown: This news makes us think a project is the way to get in – or partner with an group pitching the big biz. PALO ALTO, CA: Recent changes within Microsoft’s business have begun affecting its advertising partners. This summer, the tech giant announced both its biggest round of staffing cuts and its biggest […]

Mellon Capital Management seeks CMO to transform company

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s the big picture job description – the key words are marketing focused: The CMO will drive the transformation of Mellon Capital Management (MCM) into a client centric organization, which in turn will lead to the enhancement of MCM Institutional & Consumer distribution and retention by aligning the entire company to be marketing […]

Keep an eye on MillerCoors

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Quiksilver: new global creative direction

Steve’s breakdown: These guys do not work with an agency but this new global creative direction might require one. HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: Quiksilver Inc. said it’s taking a new global creative direction that “echoes the fertile environment of Quiksilver and the surf community in the 70s and 80s.” The Huntington Beach-based apparel and footwear manufacturer and retailer […]

Bloomberg is back at Bloomberg

Steve’s breakdown: The goal now is to go global because “The more readers and viewers of Bloomberg News we have, particularly among corporate executives and government officials who make business news, the more influence we have. The more influence we have, the more access we have to them. The more access we have, the more […]

Campbell’s to buy Garden Fresh Gourmet

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Time to jump in: Deep Eddy Vodka

Steve’s breakdown: Three things: 1) Deep Eddy Vodka‘s company, DE Spirits is up for sale and having a spirits marketing team on their side could help big time 2) They’ve had huge growth but now they want to go after national restaurant accounts and the marketing they were doing is not going to cut it 3) […]

Dean Foods to rollout national brand

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Seinfeld on Hulu = Big Marketing Push

Steve’s breakdown: It’s been over over 3 years since Hulu did a big marketing push. Remember the Alec Baldwin and Will Arnett spots. But now with this huge announcement and the fact that we are all now trained to binge-watch TV, Hulu is due for another big campaign. LOS ANGELES, CA: Hulu announced a new deal […] is now Choxi

Steve’s breakdown: Inc., No. 66 online retailer in the Top 500 Guide, now calls itself Choxi and began redirecting visitors from to last week. Frankly, I think they might need a little boost to make the name stick and grow. Check it out. NEW YORK, NY: Internet retailer has rebranded, the […]

Best Buy Moves to Project Bidding Model

Steve’s breakdown: It seems there is going to be a formal bidding process for each project so get in their make yourself a Preferred Vendor. RICHFIELD, MN: Today we learned that Best Buy — longtime client of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky — will follow a string of big-name companies like Chobani and FIAT Chrysler in abandoning the creative agency of record model […]

Abercrombie & Fitch dumps their hunks but with no plan

Steve’s breakdown: They have no CEO or shirtless models. What they do have is slumping sales. In other words, Abercrombie seems to be winging it and we don’t think they’ll be flying much longer without some help. Christos Angelides is the President. NEW ALBANY, NY: The turnaround at Abercrombie & Fitch is taking another dramatic […]

SolarCity turns up the heat

Steve’s breakdown: The first big move by the new CMO is starting right now. 300 new sales people are being hired. Having been a sales guy in another life, being backed-up with a smart ad campaign is huge. See if Jonathan Beamer feels the same way. SAN MATEO, CA: Solar installer SolarCity said Friday it […]

Ignite to refocus on Joe’s Crab Shack & Brick House Tavern + Tap brands

Steve’s breakdown: Last week we told you we thought Romano’s Macaroni Grill was going to go into review after it’s sale from Ignite was completed. On the other side of that coin, it would be a good idea to take a look at Joe’s Crab Shack. McCann has had it since 2012 but the crew […]

Chobani bails on AOR model & moves to project agency work

Steve’s breakdown: This is good news for agencies that thrive on project work so go for it! NEW BERLIN, NY: Droga5 will no longer be the lead creative agency for Chobani greek yogurt, a move that comes as the company brings much of its marketing in-house. The company will occasionally tap agencies for project work, […]

Pitching Potbelly: Digital, Mobile & Social Media

Steve’s breakdown: A few days ago, Aylwin Lewis, the CEO of Potbelly Sandwich Works gave CNBC the skinny on the company. Click the image to see the footage. The new business opportunities I saw were they want to double their off-premise business and really expand their digital, mobile and social media communications. They seem to […]

Global Hue Lost the Jeep Account

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SeaWorld’s Hail Mary

Steve’s breakdown: SeaWorld is going to launch a campaign April 1st to combat the negative press it got from the movie “BlackFish”. I don’t know who’s doing the advertising but frankly, I don’t think it’s going to work and they’ll be looking for a new campaign soon. ORLANDO, FL: SeaWorld Entertainment, still experiencing declining theme-park […]

Colorado Rockies Merge Marketing & PR Teams

Steve’s breakdown: This is all new a could be a great moment to introduce yourself. The number is 303-292-0200. DEVER, CO: The Colorado Rockies have put the team’s communications operations under marketing chief Jill Campbell and brought in San Diego Padres PR hand Warren Miller. The franchise is combining its business and baseball communications in […]

With 42 branches, Kearny Federal Savings rebrands

Steve’s breakdown: The rebranding doesn’t seem to be moving very fast but at the same time, they have big plans. Maybe they need a push . . . KEARNY, NJ: Kearny Federal Savings Bank, a federally chartered stock savings bank, wholly owned by Kearny Financial Corp., and the 6th largest bank in New Jersey, will […]

InStyle partners with Penny’s for in store salons

Steve’s breakdown: The name of the rebranded salons will be The Salon by InStyle. 15 pilot locations will open this summer, with the nationwide rollout planned for 2016. There are so many ways you could help them out with this launch. In-store, mobile, social media, digital, university marketing, you name it. PLANO, TX: Have you […]

Pitney Bowes’ New Look and TV Plan

Steve’s breakdown: So they’re talking about a new TV campaign but I don’t see a TV agency on the roster. STAMFORD, CT: After about 44 years, Pitney Bowes — a company most associated with its mail and document services business — is ready for a fresh digital look. The company on Wednesday will unveil a […]

Mattel’s new CBO & CCO

Steve’s breakdown: These moves seems to point to possible new digital marketing campaigns. Read on and tell me I’m wrong. EL SEGUNDO, CA: Mattel Inc. announced changes to the company’s Executive Leadership Team, effective immediately. Richard Dickson and Tim Kilpin will assume expanded responsibilities as President, Chief Brands Officer and President, Chief Commercial Officer, respectively. […]

Jazzercise has a new attitude but what about advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Jazzercise has revamped their image starting with a new logo. The key line to where they want to go and how you should pitch is: “the old logo was all jazz and no exercise, and the new logo is no jazz and all exercise.” CARLSBAD, CA: Jazzercise, the king of 1980s aerobics, has […]

Pop is the new TV Guide Network

Steve’s breakdown: The good new is now they will be able to launch all the other platforms they couldn’t before. The bad news is . . . Have you ever cringed when you saw a rebranding? I did just 5 minutes ago but I guess the damage is done. TVGN is going to be Pop […]

The New Salesforce

Steve’s breakdown: Last year we told you about the shack-up over at Saleforce. Well, it seems they think they’ve figured things out. Check out the featured video to see what I mean. Anyway, methinks they’ll need a bit of help getting out of their own way with marketing. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Everyone has noticed Salesforce’s […]

Rebranding Seton Hall

Steve’s breakdown: Most of you know Seton Hall from their basketball program but they are so much more. At least that’s what the university wants to do something about. They’ve hired a marketing firm to gather information and then this spring, hire a company to actually do the rebranding. Dan Kalmanson seems to be the guy to […]

Macpherson to Klum: The decision from down under

Steve’s breakdown: The Elle Macpherson lingerie line will be rebranded as Heidi Klum but who’s doing the heavy lifting on this project. Some facts: The company name is Bendon Lingerie and the New York number is 212 696 4570. Justin Davis-Rice is the CEO. Plus, Elle will still have her own line with a brand new company. Who’s […]

Wyborowa Wodka Launches in the U.S.

Steve’s breakdown: well, Michel Roux is at it again. He was a client back in the day when he launched all the Stoli flavors. Now comes the launch of Wyborowa (Wybo) Wodka in the US. PARAMUS, NJ: In celebration of National Vodka Day on Saturday, October 4th, Andrzej Szumowski, President of the Polish Vodka Association, will introduce the pride of Poland to the U.S. […]

K-Swiss unveils new brand identity

Steve’s breakdown: They haven’t been big advertisers lately but I bet they’ll want to take this new identity out for a ride. Maybe you should go with them? WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA: K•Swiss and its iconic shield logo have stood for top-level performance on- and-off the tennis court since 1966, and now its identity has come […]

Princesses Anna & Elsa from “Frozen” warm up to Hasbro

Steve’s breakdown: From my experience with Hasbro, they will have an agency roster shoot-out for this business. BUT, there aren’t really any “doll people” at Hasbro so they might need some help. PAWTUCKET, RI: My Little Pony and Elmo are going to have to make room for Princess Anna and the rest of her Disney pals. […]

Major League Soccer’s makeover and 21 opportunities

Steve’s breakdown: Now that the MLS has freshened up it’s logo, we suspect most of the 21 teams in the league will be needing some marketing help. I mean, none of them can use last years stuff so get in the game!! EVERYWHERE USA: Fresh off a wildly popular World Cup in the USA, Major League Soccer […]

Los Angeles Soccer team to rebrand after sale

Steve’s breakdown: Yes, we do get some leads from financial news but sometimes sports news is just as good. On Friday, reported “Chivas USA may sit out 2015 MLS season after sale, amid rebranding.” To fill you in, MLS owns Chivas USA right now but wants to sell it off by years end and […]

Abercrombie & Fitch: Changing Strategies

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