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This might piss you off but just join in . . .

Steve’s breakdown: . . . and make sure your agency info is correct. What am I talking about? AgencySpotter now has an app that helps clients find agencies. UG!!! I know. Check to see if your shop is listed at this link: AgencySpotter EVERYWHERE, USA: Brand marketers: Tired of being flooded with agency pitches? There’s an app […]

Winning New Business & The Super Bowl: VI

Steve’s breakdown: Super Bowl 50! It’s here and could anybody care less? Which teams are in this thing? At least “the deflater” is not coming. Anyway . . . LEVI’S STADIUM, SANTA CLARA, CA: Since 2011, we’ve reminded our members the Super Bowl strategy is a great new business tool. Walking into a pitch with […]

Chipotle plans marketing blitz to woo back customers

Steve’s breakdown: We’re telling you this because when “it” hits the fan, it’s a great opening for new business. Who knows who’s doing this campaign . . . Hopefully some of you jumped when we told you that their PR firm bailed. DENVER, CO: Chipotle Mexican Grill is ready to put its E. coli nightmare […]

One tweet and it’s over: Santa fires Ad Agency of Record

Steve’s breakdown: Global accounts like Santa don’t take things lightly. One year it’s a new bike and BAM, the next year it’s a stocking full of coal. It all happened so fast. The agency, DiMassimo Goldstein, said no tweeting, the client, Santa, said yes tweeting. Then Trevor gets over rambunctious (every agency has a “Trevor”) and […]

Client Conflict Alert @ Publicis

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Hard Soda: Pitch It Now Before It’s Done

Steve’s breakdown: Everyone in the bev-biz is going hard-soda crazy. Will it last? Hell No! But will you be able to make some cash pushing it? Hell Yeah! Check out this story about all the players. EVERYWHERE, USA: Brace yourselves. More hard soda is on the way. The country’s two biggest hard root beer producers […]

Spec Work and the Actions of 2 Companies

Steve’s breakdown: Get this. Today agency Zulu Alpha Kilo shows us how other types of businesses react to doing spec work. See the featured video.  Also today, Adidas said they will offer free design work for any high school who wants to eliminate their Native American mascots. WOW! I agree with both. In fact, I wish I had thought […]

Big Beer’s 5-Point Plan to Crush the Craft Beer Revolution

Steve’s breakdown: The Anheuser-Busch InBev-SABMiller merger is going to start a huge fight and it’s time to pick sides. For me, pitching the craft brewers how to be smarter and more nimble than the big guys is the way to go. So put the pitch together and hit every brewery in your area! EVERYWHERE, USE: When the massive Anheuser-Busch InBev-SABMiller […]

It’s hitting the fan on Madison Avenue

Steve’s breakdown: The headline is “Advertisers probe agencies over kickbacks, back room deals”. Now we all know some agencies are going to get fired. Stand by and be ready to catch what falls. EVERYWHERE, USA: It’s a nightmare on Madison Avenue. The world’s biggest advertisers have launched a wide-ranging inquiry into whether ad agencies are cheating […]

Forget self driving cars – there’s Hyperloop

Steve’s breakdown: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. in Playa Vista (HTT) and Hyperloop Technologies Inc. (HT) in downtown LA’s Arts District are in a race to make this happen. How is this a lead? They are both going to need great recruitment advertising. LOS ANGELES, CA: Two Los Angeles start-ups are racing to develop tubes to zip people hundreds of […]

Are Station Wagons Back?

Steve’s breakdown: So it seems millennials love station wagons. We know this because that’s the kind of used car they’re buying. So you’re asking, where’s the lead Steve? And here’s the answer, I don’t know. But this is a huge shift and we think it’s an important onto note. EVERYWHERE, USA: It’s no secret that used cars […]

Sometimes cutting 1100 jobs means new agency

Steve’s breakdown: Now that Groupon is firing all these folks, who’s to say the ad agency ins’t next. Our guess is they would be open to marketing programs that are more efficient. Worth a try. . . CHCAGO, IL: Groupon is cutting 1,100 jobs in the coming year, roughly 10 percent of its workforce. The […]

There’s a new vegan movement afoot

Steve’s breakdown: The movie Cowspiracy is now playing on Netflix and it’s getting some traction. (The featured video is the trailer) Judging on how people are now responding to this new information in the film, it’s only a matter of time that environmental organizations are going to be forced to address the issue of animal […]

Trouble in Paradise? Accounts won last year

Steve’s breakdown: A good source of leads is calling accounts who hired an agency a year ago. Contracts end, people ain’t happy, yada yada yada . . . BTW, if you ask me and I know you’re not, Belk and NJ Lottery would be on top of my list. Call and ask me why . […]

Subway’s CMO is gone Sept. 30th

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Two Words: Food Trucks

Steve’s breakdown: More and more award winning restaurants are opening up food trucks. In fact, the nation’s first oceanfront food truck park just opened in my home town of Asbury Park. What I’m saying is these companies are ready to here from you, particularly about your mobile marketing. You see, these trucks have to tell their […]

The top five food trends you should be part of

Steve’s breakdown: Ride the new food trends with this list of 20 companies on the cutting edge. EVERYWHERE, USA: Forget organic and gluten free, these are the top five trends experts at the Fancy Food Show predict will shape what’s next on store shelves. The Specialty Food Association held its annual trade show recently in […]

Disgusted Artists Flood Internet w/ Imagery Mocking FIFA & World Cup Sponsors

Steve’s breakdown: This whole FILA fiasco looks to have lots of possible new business opportunities. Start talking to your network and I’m sure something will come. It already has for me! EARTH: Graphic artists have joined the chorus of voices targeting FIFA, the world soccer organization, in the wake of revelations that migrant workers building […]

Two Words: David Letterman

Steve’s breakdown: I can’t tell you what David Letterman meant to my life in this space . . . except in respect . . . The Top Ten Reasons I’ll miss David Letterman  – in no particular order: MonkeyCam FOX Love Jay Jokes Stupid human tricks Paris Hilton John McCain Chucking stuff on the street […]

It’s an Anniversary!

Unbelievable! This week, The Ratti Report enters its 5th year in business. I’ve learned a lot since that first day and I hope you all have benefited from that education. Thank you for the support and please know I’m only a phone call away. Cheers, Steve

Panera Just Threw Down the Gauntlet

Steve’s breakdown: Check out their No No List at this link: Now every restaurant will be judged by that list so all of them are going to have to do their own version. That’s where you come in! We actually talked about this issue in March with a report titled: Fast Food’s Growing PR […]

Pitch a Police, Government or Community Group account before it hits the fan

Steve’s breakdown: What we’re talking about here is: outreach campaigns to communicate to the community to keep things copasetic before they blow-up. We’ve listed cities with the highest percentage of residents living below the poverty level. As you can see, Baltimore is not even on this list so there are more hot spots to think […]

New Business & Milestone Marketing

Steve’s breakdown: Almost every brand throws money at milestone anniversaries and many times use non-roster shops to do the work. So pick your favorite brands and see when it’s time to pitch their milestone. It’s a great conversation starter! Here’s what Bounty just did for their 50th. . . CINCINNATI, OH: Bounty paper towels from […]

Your Next Car Account: Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Steve’s breakdown: Neighborhood electric vehicles, AKA golf carts on steroids, have been on my mind for decades. Now the Harvard Business Review finally has does the research and, in the May issue, will tells the world we need to do this. Polaris seems to be the big player so start with them. Here are some […]

A Not-for-Nothin’ Report: Anheuser-Busch

Steve’s breakdown: First off, they are launching a tequila-flavored beer called Oculto in the U.S. this spring. No word on who’s handling the advertising. (remember Tequiza? So should have been targeted to Women) Secondly, according to one source, all the A-B brands listed below do not have United States representation. Just say’in . . . […]

Fast Food’s Growing PR Problem

Steve’s breakdown: When Mickey Ds says it’s going to take 2 years to get the human antibiotics out of their chicken, that’s a problem. When jokes like “what’s really in that taco” are still funny, that’s a problem. And this trend is just getting started. That’s the new business opportunity. Pick a chain and teach’em […]

Can Nonalcoholic Beer Save Big Brewers?

Steve’s breakdown: Nonalcoholic beer is on the rise and in some places, sees no end of growth in sight. The trick is hitting folks who drink it because of religious or health reasons. Sometimes, folks just want that cold beer flavor but they have to drive of work. The new business opportunity here is a […]

Winning New Business & The Super Bowl: V

Steve’s breakdown: Bah Humbug! Seriously, between #DeflateGate, that pass interference call on the Cowboys and then the ref just picks up the flag, the freaked-out way Green Bay lost, who knows how they are going to mess this game up. (Not for nothin’ • that black-out in New Orleans in ’13 • Brilliant!) Anyway, back […]

The tragedy that is SeaWorld we could fix

Steve’s breakdown: The stock is down 51% since “Black Fish” hit theaters. The CEO is out and the interim CEO is the hardheaded Chairman, David D’Alessandro, who is not an animal-guy or a safety -guy. He’s a financial-guy. All this aside, we know this communications problem could be a communications boom with a little love. Come on […]

New Business & the Opening of Cuba

Steve’s breakdown: Bottom Line? We believe there will be opportunities in the tourism and financial categories first. Watch the President’s speech here and make your own conclusions. EVERYWHERE USA & CUBA: The United States and Cuba will start talks on normalizing full diplomatic relations, marking the most significant shift in U.S. policy toward the communist […]

CMO’s living to 5!

Steve’s breakdown: Many new biz folks don’t react to new CMO announcements. Frankly that’s just – well – stupid. Saying hello to a new CMO has helped me win more new business than any other news item except for: Account Review!! Now Forrester Research says the number of times you’ll be able to “say hello” […]

Jump on the biggest rebranding opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: Remember when I said “Just a Hunch: ISIS Pharmaceuticals could rebrand“? They haven’t – yet – but other Isis brands have and more will. And they are all possible leads. How many are there? US Patent and Trademark Office has over 270 records of products, services or businesses registered with the name ISIS. […]


Steve’s breakdown: Taking advantage of new fads and trends is a great way to snag a high growth account. That’s what kombucha is. The main players in this new beverage category are GT’s, Live Soda Kombucha, Reed’s Culture Club kombucha. Check it out! EVERYWHERE USA: It may be hard to imagine how, just a few […]

We Hear: Kit Kat Planning Agency Review?

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Paul Allen to fight Ebola with $100 million

Steve’s breakdown: We all have to take Ebola seriously and clearly, Paul Allen is. And it might be an opportunity for your agency to chip-in, educate the public and spread some good karma. It never hurts new business to do that. EVERYWHERE, USA: Paul Allen, billionaire owner of sports teams and mega yachts, on Thursday pledged at […]

Don’t Let A Brewery Do This

Steve’s-breakdown: Lots of folks want to break into the beer biz but haven’t found the route. Here’s one: When a brewery starts canning a beer, it’s a big deal and many create campaigns for it. That’s your cue to jump in and stop them from doing can puns and ad rip-offs Here are a few […]

Great intro to a Mobile Engagement firm

Steve’s breakdown: “Mobile Exceeds PC Internet Usage for First Time in History” If that line makes you want a partner who makes your mobile campaigns completely functional & transactional – drop me a line. Why? Because I’m sharing offices with a Mobile firm. They’re Gold Mobile and if you bring them on for a project, I’ll watch over them like […]

Major League Soccer’s makeover and 21 opportunities

Steve’s breakdown: Now that the MLS has freshened up it’s logo, we suspect most of the 21 teams in the league will be needing some marketing help. I mean, none of them can use last years stuff so get in the game!! EVERYWHERE USA: Fresh off a wildly popular World Cup in the USA, Major League Soccer […]

SABMiller + Heineken + AB InBev = Chaos

Steve’s breakdown: SABMiller’s purchase of Heineken might be too late to stop AB InBev’s bid to buy SABMiller. Try and swallow that sentence in your brain. Anyway, let’s all keep an eye on all this because there will be new business opportunities either way it goes! NEW YORK, NY & CHICAGO, IL: The big news in […]

Is Tire Advertising Getting More Competitive?

Steve’s breakdown: Is it just me or have we been seeing more and more tire advertising? Back in the day it was everywhere but it kind of slowed down in the 90s. But now it’s back and our advise is to check into it especially if you’re interested in getting into the auto biz. Goodyear, […]

Top 20 toys that may need advertising

Steve’s breakdown: The most popular toys are usually the ones that advertise because they drive traffic to the stores. And on the other side is the retail advertising which will have to put these toys in the creative. Lots of work to do so check out the top toys below. TOYLAND, USA: Walmart revealed its […]

New Business & the Future of Scotland, Great Britain and the UK

Steve’s breakdown: On September 18th, Scotland will be voting on their independence. Whether you agree with it or not, you should be ready from a new business standpoint. Here’s what we see for starters if they vote Yes: New Tourism Campaigns for all three, Scotland, Great Britain and the UK, will be required New Economic Development […]

Anheuser-Busch exec opens Brew Hub

breakdown: Brew Hub is the name but also what they are doing for the brewing community. In other words, we believe the craft beer businesses and brands that will be helped by Brew Hub are going to need help selling all that extra beer that they now have capacity to produce. CHESTERFIELD, MO: A new […]

Analyst Predicts Apple & Samsung Will Conquer Smartwatch Market

Steve’s breakdown: A headline like that makes me think who’s going to ride the coattails of Apple & Samsung. (Sony, Motorola and LG are on the top of our list.) Anyway, if you’re in electronics, this is a category that will explode so make your bets and get in now. EVERYWHERE USA: Consumer interest in smartwatches […]

New Lead Frontier: Crowdfunding

Steve’s breakdown: This levitating speaker company, OmOne, is the perfect example of who could be doing better with their crowdfunding if they used an ad agency. And whether they make their number or not, they will have the cash to bring in an agency later. Plus this product kicks-ass! David Devillez is the founder and […]

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