Why a Ratti Report membership costs $2,000

Steve’s breakdown: Well, if you consider the costs associated with going with our competition and the fact we serve up more leads that are actually winnable everyday, $2,000 is a steal. And don’t forget you get access to our free biz-dev advisory services that come with membership. As for this video, back in 2010 we […]

Biggest PR account expansion ever!!

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Lose weight – feel great: Arena Pharmaceuticals

Steve’s breakdown: Who knows what’s going to happen with the weight loss universe but as an ad agency, who cares. Just take their money! SAN DIEGO, CA: Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARNA) (ARNA)’s weight- loss pill, the first cleared in the U.S. in 13 years, and an expected rival are potential breakthroughs in the treatment of […]

The Cola Wars are back and wars take money: Get Yours

Steve’s breakdown: SodaStream, the make-it-at-home soda company, has a great idea. Make every piece of soda trash a statement against Coke. Britta has been doing this against the bottled water industry for years but this is taking it to another level. So what’s the new business opportunity? 1) SodaStream plans on entering the USA market […]

Watch All 4 “About” Videos

During a gorgeous day in Asbury Park, we just decided to get on the roof of The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel and shoot something. Nothing was written but we kind of knew what needed to be said about The Ratti Report. Here’s the entire series of four videos. Buy Premium Access to The Ratti Report at this […]

Dot.AnythingYouWant is coming and they will all need advertising

Steve’s breakdown: The cat is about to get out-of-the-bag. The can-of-worms is about to be opened. The genie is about to be let out of the bottle. ICANN tomorrow will reveal who is going after what new domain extensions, paving the way for a very different looking Web. Prepare for dot-madness. And then dot-opportunities for […]

Chrysler and new dealerships: Post bankruptcy opportunities for agencies

Steve’s breakdown: While on our daily search for the leads you need, we found the article below. The headline read: Chrysler reopening area (Dallas) dealerships closed in bankruptcy. We wondered if this was a national trend among all brands. Then we ran into Bruno Lucarelli of BCI Media, one of the nation’s premiere dealership marketing […]

32 innovations that will change your tomorrow

Steve’s breakdown: Being a new business pro means you’re also a Futurist. Yes – Futurist! Everyday the new business department has to see and go after the money that’s in their future. New York Times Magazine did a nice piece yesterday you should click through to. EVERYWHERE, USA: The electric light was a failure. Invented […]

Pitch Idea: Find a new way to use the clown

Steve’s breakdown: It’s the Friday before Memorial Day and time for some bluesky thinking to get us through the long weekend. Here’s the idea: McDonald’s just had their annual shareholder meeting yesterday and they are not backing down on kids. As far as they are concerned, their food and fat kids have zero correlation. If that’s […]

National Wireless Internet Service: The future ad account

Steve’s breakdown: It’s not a matter of if but when we will all be able to connect to the internet from everywhere USA. It will be a major coup for whomever gets it so you might as well get started on that now. EVERYWHERE, USA: Five of the nation’s largest cable companies — Comcast Corp., […]

Cloud Computing Companies: The next new business frontier

Steve’s breakdown: We here at The Ratti Report thought it was about time to start regarding companies in the cloud computing industry as new business prospects. They’ve been around for a while now and it would be hard to think about any serious organization not in the cloud some way. In fact, The Ratti Report […]

EXCULSIVE: Backwords Ad Gaffe may be Your Opening to This Ad Account

Steve’s breakdown: This is our first Man-on-the-Street report. It came in from our friends at ThinkCannon. We encourage all our subscribers to send in sightings like this. Though we don’t think the creative portion of this account will move, the media placement obviously could use some help. EVERYWHERE, USA: About the company: The Foundation For A […]

Fastest Growing Industries in the US of A

Steve’s breakdown: Have you ever been told by the CEO of your agency that they want you to pitch growth industries. I have!! Sometimes it was a waist of time and sometimes it paid off. Either way, we’re here to to help you out with that. IBIS World Inc. just issued this report on the […]

Appetite of American Restaurant Brands Grows in China

Steve’s breakdown: Funny, the same day we deside to start covering China, two major articles get published to back us up. So where’s the lead for your agency? Well if you have an international restaurant client, the answer is before you . . . CHINA: The world’s largest restaurant brands have been growing rapidly in […]

Focusing in on China

Steve’s breakdown: Editorially, we don’t report on ad agencies or executives. We see it as a waist of time to the crazy-busy new business executive. But this interview is an exception because the ad executive is talking about his agency’s plans in China. And China’s advertising market grew by 14.5 percent last year with advertisers […]

Changing the World & Probably the Advertising Biz: “Invisible Children”

Steve’s breakdown: We’ll all be watching this campaign very closely. Maybe many of us will be copying it even before they reach their ultimate goal of catching Joseph Kony. Either way, the game has just drastically changed in the past three days with over 43 million YouTube views. And as the below article sites, it […]

This is NOT a Lead: O’Charley’s in Review

Steve’s breakdown: Every once in a while we have to remind our readers why they don’t see stories like this in The Ratti Report. It’s because it’s a waist of your time. In fact we don’t cover any stories that talk about new business pitches that have finalists, are past the RFP stage (like this […]

Winning New Business & The Super Bowl II

Steve’s breakdown: This is the second annual Winning New Business & The Super Bowl report. INDIANAPOLIS, IN: So what’s different this year? In the past, marketers would broadcast world preimeres of new creative on the Super Bowl. Last year it was about leveraging social media with the news of a Super Bowl spot. This year […]

End of year report: The 10 New Business Lessons of 2011

Over the past 12 months The Ratti Report has covered 1,040 new business opportunities including 438 account reviews representing over $27,790,000,000 in billings. Stories were based out of 42 states, 32 countries on 4 continents. But we didn’t stop there. Last week we crunched all those numbers and can now respectfully summit to you: The […]

We’re Hiring Contributors, Reporters & Collaborators

That’s right folks, to continue and grow our service to the new business community, we are expanding our staff and could use your help finding these people. Here are the opportunities:     Contributors: We are offering agency executives a forum to highlight their new business expertise in The Ratti Report     Reporters: This is similar […]

Santa outsources digital work for the first time in history!

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t usually report on accounts won because that’s a waist of time to the new business hunter. But this story touched our hearts and reminds us that the holiday season is upon us and that there are a million ways to promote your agency!! NORTH POLE: Critical Mass, an Omnicom digital marketing […]

Christmas quality Hanukkah pricing ad is dead

Steve’s breakdown: Yep! That’s the line of the another ad in this Wodka vodka campaign. Is this a new business opportunity? Maybe if you can come up with a string of similar lines that don’t offend millions. NEW YORK, NY: Less than 24 hours after making its debut alongside a Manhattan highway, Wodka vodka’s anti-Semiticky […]

Chipotle’s movie theater video & festivals: Is TV next?

Steve’s breakdown: This is a great project. Demonstrating how respectful a company is to the globe, to people and animals. But like one of the consultants say in the article “It’s time for them to move to the adults’ table . . . You have to eventually go on TV or some sort of mass […]

This is not a lead: Five Shops Pitch Creative for GNC

Steve’s breakdown and quick editorial note: Like Stewie’s steroid/GNC made muscles, new business news like this is fake. We don’t waste our subscribers’ time with it. That’s why you have never seen “agency wins account” news or “account chooses finalist” news or “campaign launch” news because it’s all worthless. So after this post, we will […]

Advertising may seduce your brain, UCLA researchers say

Steve’s breakdown: Don’t you love when academia comes in and tells the world how an entire industry is messing with the public. I do, especially when we’re the ones doing the messing. The study suggests that the dumber the ad, the more it can persuade a consumer to buy. The above commercial featuring Pamela Anderson […]

Hitting the road for marketing money! 5 of 100 possible leads

Steve’s breakdown: It’s Friday and we love to do an Op-Ed post to get the weekend started. So – Even with all that’s happening with the economy, states, counties and municipalities across this nation still realize tourism marketing dollars are the best ROI. We reported on the surge of tourism money back in March. And […]

Arby’s picks a winner for its fake ad contest

Steve’s breakdown: Not to take anything away from the contest winner but what are they thinking at Arby’s? 1) Now they have 800 fans who just lost their contest. Did I say fans, I meant ex-fans. 2) Nothing gets an ad agency more pumped up to do great work than to have the client ask […]

Tales from the conference room: DigeRatti #1

Steve’s breakdown: My production team and I did this video year ago but I think it’s time to start it up again. This particular video segment talks about lessons learned in the conference room while pitching new business. We call it digeRatti. Enjoy!

FBI announces media campaign in effort to find mobster

Steve’s breakdown: So here’s an avenue I’ve never taken for new business, crime fighting. It may not be marketing per se but it is communicating to a very specific target a very specific message. So why not contact your local law enforcement agency and pitch? BOSTON, MA: The FBI is hoping to track down fugitive […]

Ratti Report launches new business news alert system

Steve’s breakdown: It’s my first time on video so don’t judge me, judge my message. But if you’re going to judge me anyway, see if you can catch when I call an advertiser by the wrong name. And what’s up with my jacket? NEW YORK, NY: The New Business Bureau, publishers of this blog, has […]

2012 election will be the most expensive (read pofitable) ever

Steve’s breakdown: The 2012 election year will have more money to pitch for than any other. Don’t let this money train pass you by. Contact the local campaign in your neighborhood to help fight for “the cause.” EVERYWHERE USA: The 2012 elections are shaping up to be the priciest in history, with the political parties […]

Fall TV season prediction: Pan Am takes flight

Steve’s breakdown: It’s Friday and I love to take time to post something fun before the weekend. I don’t usually make predictions. That’s how lots of new business guys go down in flames. But the new ABC show Pan Am is going to rock prime time. Not only have I always thought Pan Am was […]

Time to contact Western Union

Steve’s breakdown: On CNBC today, Hikmet Ersek, Western Union president & CEO talked about the who, what & where of the company. The most surprising fact that came out of the interview was he said the “I” word. When asked who were his customers, he plainly said Immigrants! As for Ersek, he has moved fast […]

Will GM bring back the El Camino?

Steve’s breakdown: Ray Wert of Jalopnik.com is on a mission from God. GM’s Chief Marketing Officer said he would bring back the El Camino if 100,000 people comment on Ray’s post. I think this could be big! You might ask “Hey Steve, what does that have to do with new business?” Well if you have […]

Bad strategy is the #1 reason clients fire agencies

Steve’s breakdown: This post won’t help you win business but it will help you keep it. RSW/US has just completed a new business survey and I encourage you to read as much as your stomach can handle. You can also download the entire report. EVERYWHERE, USA: The 2011 New Business Report: A Client’s Look Ahead at Agencies was […]

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