News: Seeks new CMO vetting folks for CMO

Steve’s breakdown: I find it hilarious that doesn’t have an inside track on a CMO. Anyway, as always, a CMO job description can be half your pitch. REDWOOD CITY, CA: The CMO is responsible for developing and executing a clearly defined marketing and communications strategy in a manner that supports business growth and enhances […]

National Geographic & Nat Geo Wild channel’s seek CMO

Steve’s breakdown: As always, CMO job listings give away a ton of information you can use to pitch the business. And if you can help in their search, I suspect you’ll a shot at that pitch. Here’s the job description:   WASHINGTON, DC: The National Geographic channel is at a pivotal moment in its growth […]

Dean Evans leaves Subaru

Steve’s breakdown: Dean did a great job at Subaru including the featured spot “They Lived.” Who will fill his shoes is not known but you might as well get acquainted while they look. Tom Doll is the president and is your contact. CHERRY HILL, NJ: Dean Evans, who pushed Subaru of Americag into the world of […]

Xtreme Lashes w/ Mousselli seek CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Lead hints #2 for today. The new CMO “will develop best-in-class integrative marketing strategies and initiatives focused on enhancing sales growth, brand loyalty and customer engagement for both the Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli ® and Jo Mousselli ™ brands” Take the hints and run. SPRING, TX: Led by pioneer Jo Mousselli, Xtreme Lashes LLC […]

JustFab looks to take it up a notch with CMO

Steve’s breakdown: JustFab wants a CMO who “will be a strong hands-on leader with a vision to execute multi-channel campaigns over email, print, TV, and internet.” Sounds pretty easy so why not help out with their search. Their budgets are sure to go up after their IPO. The job description is below. EL SEGUNDO, CA: Chief […]

Unable to launch: Johnny Rockets still seeks CMO

  Steve’s breakdown: These folks have been looking for a CMO since December. I bet they’d love some help and maybe you’re just the person to do so. ALISO VIEJO, CA: Directly responsible for the Johnny Rockets position in the marketplace.  Drives the advertising promotional calendar, public relations, and franchise development marketing functions for the […]

The Tax biz’s first fatality: TaxACT seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: In addition to looking into TaxACT, checkout all the consumer tax services now that April 15th has come-and-gone. This is the season of Ad Agency and CMO firings in the tax biz. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA: TaxACT is a growing Internet and software company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that provides income tax preparation software […]

Seeks CMO: Omega Inst. for Holistic Studies

Steve’s breakdown: As we’ve said, a CMO job description is a direct line to their marketing plan. So call Robert “Skip” Backus, the CEO, and pretend you just knew all that because you’re one with the cosmos. The job description is below. RHINEBECK, NY: Omega Institute, the nation’s premier holistic learning center, seeks an innovative and collaborative […]

CURE International is praying for a CMO

Steve’s breaking: As I’ve always said, a CMO job description is the best place to get hints on how to pitch an account later. And if your a Bible reading agency, this could be a match made in heaven. Job description is below~ LEMOYNE, PA: CURE International is a non-profit organization that operates hospitals and programs […]

Royal Canin hunts for CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Royal Canin‘s media budget ain’t no thing but their creative looks great. Maybe with the new CMO, they’ll take it to the next level. The CMO job description is below. SAINT CHARLES, MO: The domestic RC business in USA is growing by 15%.  The unit operates in three distinct pillars (Vet, Retail, Breeder) that […]

PromGirl looking for a date with a CMO

Steve’s breakdown: As we’ve said before, reading a CMO job description gives you all the clues you need to pitch the business. NEW YORK, NY: PromGirl is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer for our established, exciting, fast-growing, fashionable e-commerce company! Our CMO will play a major role in the planning, development and implementation of our […]

New York’s Food Bank seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: If you’re good at stretching a buck and like having a “feel good” account, maybe a call to the food bank is in order. NEW YORK, NY: JOB DESCRIPTION – The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), reporting to the Food Bank’s President and CEO, is responsible for initiating, implementing, and facilitating a comprehensive range […]

Intel without a CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Now that Deborah Conrad is out, we suggest you make friends with all the folks on her marketing team jockeying for her position. And then there’s the idea, if a former client of yours could fill her shoes – yeah – make that call. SANTA CLARA, CA: Intel’s CMO of six years Deborah Conrad […]

Owner of InfoSpace & TaxACT seek CMO

Steve’s breakdown: We got a BtoB technology company looking for a CMO. Blucora. We like these because they come with lots of possible leads in their client roster. BELLEVUE, WA: Position Summary The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for TaxACT is a key member of the executive team and will contribute to the strategic decision-making and operational execution of […] seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Helping a client find a CMO is the easiest way to win that business. And this one looks like fun. The Job Description is below: PLANO, TX: Chief Marketing Officer: The leader in affordable vacations to the beach is looking for an innovative marketer to join the senior leadership team and take […]

Loring Ward portfolio management seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: People say to me: I’m not going to do anything with that lead because there is no CMO. Who would I talk to? Okay – two thing . . . 1) There’s always someone to talk to 2) CMO job descriptions, like the one below, offer a look behind the curtain of a […]

American Modern Insurance seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: We got another advertiser looking for a CMO. American Modern is part of the Munich Re family of insurance companies and is big in the specialty insurance business. The CMO job listing, below, has lots of clues to what they are up to. AMELIA, OH: American Modern Insurance Group  (American Modern) is a widely recognized, national leader […]

REI hits the trail in search of a CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Two things 1) As always, helping a prospective client find their new CMO makes winning the business a lot easier. 2) The entire marketing team will be new once this position is filled so the timing is ripe to get acquainted. SEATTLE, WA: REI is on the hunt for a new CMO to […]

Seneca Gaming throws the VP of Marketing Out

Steve’s breakdown: Forget their ridiculous TV spots, we got some real blood-in-the-water here and it’s “personnel”. One can only guess what happened but they’re going to have to replace this banished guy. Help them out and your in the tribe. BUFFALO, NY: In a surprise move, Jim Wise was relieved of his duties as Seneca Gaming Corp. senior vice president of […]

Chevrolet’s U.S. Marketing Chief Bails

Steve’s breakdown: The fallout after the new GM CEO announcement has started. Chevy hired a new ad agency in 2012 but their contract might be up in March so keep an eye on them. DETROIT, MI: Chevrolet U.S. marketing chief Chris Perry has resigned, General Motors said today. Perry, 53, has held several marketing positions […]

Conservation International seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Conservation International does great work and helping them out in their search for a CMO will give you the best chance there is to win the business. Here’s the job posting: ARLINGTON, VA: People depend on nature for many things. A stable climate. Clean air. Fresh water. Abundant food. Cultural resources. And the incalculable additional benefits […]

Wilshire Bancorp CMO Quits

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a little blood-in-the-water over at Wilshire but helping them find a new marketing expert will most definitely get you in the door to stop the bleeding. Check out their TV ad from before their rebranding. LOS ANGELES, CA: The chief marketing officer of Wilshire Bancorp (WIBC) in Los Angeles has resigned after just […]

Blackberry’s CMO & COO are Out

Steve’s breakdown: Maybe they should just move out of Canada and get over it. I kid – I kid! WATERLOO, Canada: BlackBerry’s executive shakeup is continuing on Monday, with news from the firm that two additional executives are leaving the company while another is being replaced. BlackBerry said Monday that chief operating officer Kristian Tear and chief […]

Defense Mobile is recruiting for a CMO

Steve’s breakdown: This account would include,,, and Here’s the job description: NEW YORK, NY: Defense Mobile Corporation is a newly formed 4G LTE based Mobile Operator built on the guiding belief that active duty military, veterans and their family members – DESERVE MORE! DMC is currently building our team, driven by those who have served.   Therefor […]

Walgreens brings together Digital, e-Commerce & Marketing with new hire

Steve’s breakdown: This is a very big deal, especially for any of you in the digital space. Sona Chawla, who’s worked at Dell, Wells Fargo and Andersen Consulting, is the new hire and the contact. DEERFIELD, IL: Graham Atkinson, chief marketing and customer experience officer, to retire in January 2014; led successful launch of record-setting Balance(R) Rewards loyalty […]

Associated Bank seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: The great gift companies offer us when looking for a CMO is they list exactly what they want! Just read the job description below and write your pitch. BAM! Here’s the Job Summery . . . GREEN BAY, WI: Reporting to the Chief Strategy Officer of Associated Bank, the Chief Marketing Officer has overall […]

Pittsburgh Pirates are scouting for a new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: If you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, I don’t need to say anything else except Go For It! Here’s the job posting: PITTSBURGH, PA: The Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer (“EVP, CMO”) will report to the President and is responsible for driving revenue, increasing profitability, building, enhancing and protecting the Pirates Brand, […]

MedPro is looking to collect more with new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Having been in the medical bill collecting biz (don’t ask) I know these folks will need some help with messaging – especially when they have sales people begging for any help . . . Here’s the job posting: TAMARAC, FL: MedPro Billing is a successful billing and collection company specializing in mental health and […]

20th Century Fox CMO Out

Steve’s breakdown: Mood swings. When you don’t know why something is happening, just say mood swings. And that’s what seemed to be happening in Hollywood. Aviv is the latest roadkill. HOLLYWOOD, CA: Oren Aviv, chief marketing officer for 20th Century Fox, has been let go from the studio. [Updated, 10:20 a.m. PDT Oct. 17: Confirming Aviv’s departure, […]

CMO needed at Fulbright & Jaworski

Steve’s breakdown: So you know, Fulbright & Jaworski is the US headquarters for Norton Rose Fulbright: a global legal practice of approximately 3,800 lawyers in more than 50 offices around the world. HOUSTON, TX: Here’s the job listing at Fulbright & Jaworski: The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for developing and executing business development and marketing strategies for the […]

Sageworks on the lookout for CMO

Steve’s breakdown: The service Sageworks delivers should sell itself so the advertising might be a great creative opportunity for your shop. Check out the job description below. RALEIGH, NC: Sageworks provides private company financial information and develops financial analysis solutions. By doing so, we hope to give people data they can understand and use, which helps […]

CMO needed @ Oregon Community Credit Union

Steve’s breakdown: The new CMO will be managing all aspects of ecommerce strategy, online advertising, social media, and executing a broad array of growth initiatives. Here’s the whole job description. EUGENE, OR: Overview: Oregon Community Credit Union was founded more than 50 years ago in Eugene by a small group of passionate people. Years of taking great […]

Edible Arrangements needs to feed growth w/ a new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Finding a company a new CMO is the best way to get an inside track to an out-of-leftfield account so give it a try. And not-for-nothin’, their creative really needs some help. WALLINGFORD, CT: Edible Arrangements International is the leader in creating a variety of premium fresh fruit products, including fruit bouquets, chocolate dipped […]

Mickey Ds CMO to Retire

Steve’s breakdown: Ever since Don Thompson took over as CEO, there have been a few big changes over at McDonald’s. All of these moves should be viewed as possible bell weather signs of marketing shifts. (At least to the new biz pro at your agency . . . ) OAK BROOK, IL: McDonald’s Corp. said Tuesday […]

Sony’s film studio removes CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Yeah – “After Earth” with Will Smith and his son was a total bomb and maybe Marc deserved to go. Either way, this is a big opportunity for any agency who can navigate the Hollywood universe. CULVER CITY, CA: Marc Weinstock, head of marketing at Sony Corp.’s film studio, was removed from his role […]

Western Dental Services puts the CMO wanted sign out

Steve’s breakdown: Seems to be CMO hunting season. Here’s another one. ORANGE, CA: Western Dental Services, Inc., California’s largest dental services provider and one of the nation’s largest dental HMO’s, is looking for a bright, motivated, Chief Marketing Officer. This position requires at least 15 years of professional experience to join Western’s team. Western Dental’s team […]

Seeking CMO at Associated Banc-Corp

Steve’s breakdown: So I have to tell you, I just helped connect a CMO with a new job for a subscribing agency and it looks like they’ll get to pitch the business. The system works. Do it! Here’s the CMO job description for Associated Banc-Corp: GREEN BAY, WI: Reporting to the Chief Strategy Officer of the […]

Toasted Sandwich originator, Schlotzsky’s, advertises for new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: You got to love it when a marketer uses real advertising to find their next CMO. Maybe you can play matchmaker which would make you their next AOR. AUSTIN, TX: Since 1971, Schlotzsky’s has been the home of The Original toasted sandwich. The menu has evolved with customers’ tastes to include the highest […]

Xerox CMO Steps Down

Steve’s breakdown: There’s something fishy about this sudden change but either way, Xerox is now a company to have on your radar. Duane Schulz will be handling advertising until they find a replacement. NORWALK, CT: Xerox CMO Christa Carone will step down from her position at the end of this month, the company confirmed on Friday. […]

Active Nomad wanders the country for a CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Start-up alert. These folks look to have big plans starting with a new CMO. Help find that CMO and you might find yourself with a new client. WINNETKA, IL: Active Nomad, LLC is in search for a CMO. Here’s the short and sweet job description: Our CMO must be dynamic and creative and love fitness […]

DreamWorks CMO quits

Steve’s breakdown: Okay – so the movie Turbo didn’t work. That shouldn’t be the reason they lose a CMO. Anyway, is there an account here? We think it’s worth finding out. GLENDALE, CA: The chief marketing officer of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. has resigned, the company announced Monday in a regulatory filing. Anne Globe, who […]

Visit St. Paul CEO moves to San Jose

Steve’s breakdown: Double lead alert. New CEO at Visit San Jose and Visit St. Paul is now looking for one. SAN JOSE, CA & St. Paul, MN: Visit St. Paul CEO Karolyn Kirchgesler is leaving the organization to take the helm of the convention and visitors bureau in San Jose, Calif. Team San Jose announced Tuesday it selected Kirchgesler […]

DudaMobile seeks new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Check out the Personality Traits they list for this position. I’d love to have a client like that. If you’re the same, given’ a call. PALO ALTO, CA: DudaMobile is seeking a results-driven VP Marketing / CMO with significant experience executing brand building initiatives, driving acquisition and conversion marketing programs and leading a top marketing […]

MasterCard CMO Retires

Steve’s breakdown: They are going to put Tim Murphy, MasterCard’s chief product officer in the spot while they search for a replacement. Sounds like a good time to make friends. PURCHASE, NY: MasterCard today announced that Alfredo Gangotena will retire as the company’s chief marketing officer, effective September 1. Gangotena, 60, has been with MasterCard […]

Auburn University Athletics seek CMO & COO

Steve’s breakdown: Between the plan to hire these two positions, they have grown their annual budget from $47 million to $102 million in recent years. Here’s the job description for the CMO. AUBURN, AL: Auburn is creating two new positions in its athletics department in an effort to “strengthen” internal operations, the school announced Wednesday. The […]

BMW: New VPs of Eastern & Southern Regions

Steve’s breakdown: Not only do two big regions have new VPs, they don’t have a replacement for their marketing chief. Read on . . . WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ: BMW of North America has appointed its marketing chief for the past three years, Dan Creed, to steer its biggest U.S. region. Creed will become vice president of […]

Choose Chicago loses its CMO

Steve’s breakdown: The regional campaign that the ex-CMO worked on is pretty great and we bet they’ll be trying to expand on it. So help find a replacement and you’ll be the one doing it. CHICAGO, IL: Choose Chicago announced it has begun the search for a new marketing chief, after Warren Wilkinson resigned from the […]

YMCA looks to sign-up CMO in Providence, RI

Steve’s breakdown: This might be a small potential account but if you do good, door will open throughout the organization. Remember “Got Milk”? PROVIDENCE, RI: The Chief Marketing Office serves as the strategic leader for the Association’s overall marketing and communication function. The CMO will formulate and direct the activities and operations of the marketing […]

Vape World seeks to toke up with a new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Vape World, is a leading distributor of “aromatherapy products” but what we see is they make stuff you can smoke weed with. If that doesn’t bother you, make this call because they are growing by leaps-and-bounds. Here’s the CMO job description: BOCA RATON, FL: Warehouse Goods, a forward thinking corporation also known as Vape […]

First Niagara seeks new CMO & CEO

Steve’s breakdown: This would be a great time for you to, very nonchalantly, introduce the agency. Plus if you can help them fill either of these positions, you’ve got a new client! BUFFALO, NY: First Niagara Financial Group Inc., already in the midst of searching for a new president and chief executive officer, is now on the […]

Vantage Deluxe World Travel in search of CMO

Steve’s breakdown: In a few words, this is a direct, digital and local advertising opportunity. Formally, their new CMO will be responsible for: Develop Brand Strategy, Lead Marketing Communications, Oversee Online Properties, Own the Direct Marketing platform & Lead a Dynamic Team of approximately 40 professionals. Here’s the job description: BOSTON, MA: Vantage Deluxe World Travel is a $300 million, […]

Double Event Lead at Zen Entertainment

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GE Healthcare seeks Agent of Good: New CMO

Steve’s breakdown: This is a big one. GE Healthcare spends $37 million in advertising so helping them find this new CMO would be highly significant! WAUKESHA, WI: Here’s the job description. Job Number 1765274 Business GE Healthcare Business Segment Healthcare Systems About Us GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies that are helping a new age of […]

Friedman is counting on finding a new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Accounting firm Friedman LLC is looking for a new CMO and it’s not going to be easy. If you can help, I’m sure the ad account will be yours. Here’s the job description: NEW YORK, NY: Reporting directly to the Managing Partner, the chief marketing officer will drive the day-to-day execution and improvement […]

It hits the fan at Fusion-io

Steve’s breakdown: This story just won’t go away so we give in. On Wednesday, the CEO and CMO of Fusion-io , who are also founders, resigned. The stock took a hit and people don’t know what’s next. Here’s what we think, the marketing department is going to need some real help and a well experienced marketing […]

It hits the fan at Nokia

Steve’s breakdown: JWT handles global advertising but when this sort of thing happens, companies through the baby out with the bathwater. We don’t have to agree with it but you can gain from it. SUNNYVALE, CA: Steven Overman, Nokia’s vice president for global branding strategy and marketing strategy has quit the company. Overman was responsible for […]

Bitcoins and the new ad accounts they create

Steve’s breakdown: If you haven’t heard, there’s a new global currency out there: Bitcoin. So what’s the new business opportunity? Companies like BitPay are popping up and they need to get the word out. In fact, BitPay is looking for a CMO in Atlanta!! Here’s a story about the whole Bitcoin phenomenon. EVERYWHERE, USA: In a world where […]

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