News: Seeks new CMO

Betterment to invest in new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: These guys have a great idea here. Now they just need a CMO to bring it to the masses. Help fill that position and the account could be yours! Here’s the job description/classified ad . . . NEW YORK, NY: You are a brand-builder. A master storyteller. An unabashed data-junkie. You know how […]

Teleflora needs a CMO to deliver

Steve’s breakdown: The Super Bowl ad they ran this year with Adriana Lima might be the reason they are looking for someone new. I’m just sayin’ LOS ANGELES, CA: Teleflora is the world’s leading flower delivery service connecting customers with the nation’s best local florists for more than 75 years. All of Teleflora’s flower arrangements are artistically arranged and […]

IMAX focuses in on new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: I love it when the job description mentions the words “passionate & creative visionary”. Anyway, there’s a an opportunity here and you should grab it. NEW YORK, NY: IMAX Corporation is one of the world’s leading entertainment technology companies, specializing in immersive motion picture technologies. The worldwide IMAX network is among the most […]

Revolution Foods looks into CPG with new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: This is a Fast Company top growing organization and this is just their next step to get to the next level. OAKLAND, CA: Revolution Foods seeks CMO. The Position: We are looking for an experienced individual to help us develop, lead, and execute a strategy for entering the world of consumer packaged goods […]

Gibson Guitar seeks new lead marketer

Steve’s breakdown: Not only would this be a sweet job, it might be an even better account once the new CMO is in place. NASHVILLE, TN: Gibson Guitar Corp, the world’s premier musical instrument manufacturer and the home of such preeminent brands as Gibson, Epiphone, Baldwin and Wurlitzer, is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer […]

Family Christian prays for a worthy new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: This retail chain has approximately 281 stores in 261 cities and they are on a mission. Can I get an Amen?!? Anyway, they clearly have plans to expand and they are motivated beyond money. Two great traits of a good client. GRAND RAPIDS, MI: Family Christian is the nations leading Christian Retailer dedicated to one […]

Mogl looks to hire a big dog the to lead marketing

Steve’s breakdown: This rewards for shopping company looks to have found a better way to opperate. I remember working on before the bubble burst. Wow, were they dreaming! Anyway, they seem to be leaning toward digital and viral marketing so if that’s your bag, get to know this folks. SAN DIEGO, CA: Mogl CMO Job […]

Conservation International seeks CMO for global advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Key line in this job description is: “S/he will oversee global advertising, collateral, promotions and other initiatives to drive familiarity, favorability and preference for the organization’s brand while supporting key organizational objectives” This could be a great green account that could connect you to many additional clients so get in there as soon […]

NPR takes the first steps to reimagining: Seeks new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: The key line in this job requirement is: “Have prior experience transforming or “reimagining” a brand to result in increased consumption, audience viewership, or consumer adoption. ” Sounds pretty hot! WASHINGTON, DC: The CMO job requirements are: A minimum of 10-15 years experience in branding, communications and/or marketing, preferably within a major entertainment, […]

Deloitte & Touche searches for new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Here we go again with another major marketer looking for a CMO. Just so you know, this is a confidential search so they might now admit they need a CMO but don’t let that stop you. NEW YORK, NY: Here’s the job description: One of the largest audit, tax, and advisory firms in […]

Chartis insurance puts the word out for a new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve been covering these kinds of stories from the begining but starting today, we’re going to be doing it a lot more proactively. The idea is two fold: 1) If you can help a prospective client  find a new CMO, you’re in a great position to get the business. 2) Knowing that a prospective client […]

Jack-in-the-Box CMO steps down after 22 years: Now what?

Steve’s breakdown: They say they are not looking for a replacement but we suspect they will in about six months or so. FYI: In September we reported: Shops Chase Jack in the Box Digital Account SAN DIEGO, CA: Terri Funk Graham, Jack in the Box Inc.’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, is stepping down after […]

ZipCar zips through a CMO: Next!

Steve’s breakdown: You got to love it when a company knows time’s time to cut the cord. And like we’ve always said, if you help them find the next CMO, you’ll have a very good chance of being the next AOR. CAMBRIDGE, MA: Zipcar Inc‘s chief marketing officer is leaving the company, at a time when […]


Steve’s breakdown: Whether or not there will be an ad agency review once a new CMO gets in there is anybody’s guess but if your agency has a relationship with GM, I’d make a call or two. DETROIT, MI: You know the old saying, “go big, or go home.” General Motors‘ advertising chief Joel Ewanick […]

Mazda marketing boss quits

Steve’s breakdown: Their present advertising is pretty good but I’m sure it will suffer without it’s CMO. Be ready to jump once they pick a new one. Even better, help them find the next boss! LOS ANGELES, CA: Mazda’s North American marketing boss has left the company. Don Romano, chief marketing officer for Mazda North […]

JC Penny CEO takes over CMO duties

Steve’s breakdown: On October 3 we reported Target CMO Departs for JCPenney: No love lost . . . yet. Well, the love that was lost was at JC Penny and with Michael Francis. Either way, this whole account is up in the air so make your move. PLANO, TX: J.C. Penney said its head of […]

Another CMO is leaving his post: This time at Kodak

Steve’s breakdown: Kodak has been going through a lot of changes lately. Filing for chapter 11 in January, announcing it was ending its line of consumer digital cameras and pocket camcorders in February and now this. Is an agency search next? ROCHESTER, NY: One of Eastman Kodak Co.’s highest-placed executives is leaving the company. The […]

Best Buy CEO & CMO gone

Steve’s breakdown: Last month the CEO stepped down amid allegations that he used company resources to conduct an affair with an employee. Now Best Buy’s global chief marketing officer is out. Expect more changes in the marketing department including possible agency reviews. BTW: Last year we reported Best Buy Circulates RFP to Multiple Shops RICHFIELD, […]

Yahoo is doing the searching for a change: Seeks new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: You know what we always say about companies that need a CMO? If you can help them do that, you might be able to help yourself to their account! They mention they are looking for a CMO in the paragraph under “Corporate”. SUNNYVALE, CA: Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) is to reorganize according to a new […]

Kmart loses marketing chief as DraftFCB ad contract end nears

Steve’s breakdown: We are predicting this account will be changing hands in the new year. Will there be a review? Not sure but Sears Holdings has really got to get its act together fast. HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL: Kmart is searching for a new marketing chief just a few months before its advertising contract with DraftFCB […]

DukeNet seeks CMO: Could be powerful way into Duke Energy

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve added a new “News Category” today: “Seeks new CMO”. We did this because new CMOs can mean opportunity down the road for ad shops. And, if you can help find them a new CMO, that one giant foot-in-the-door. Plus DukeNet is part of Duke Energy and that’s an even bigger door CHARLOTTE, […]

Purdue University brand director calls it quits

Steve’s breakdown: Something is fishy about this exit and I suspect it was the “Makers, All” campaign that brought her down. The image above is from that campaign’s website. What ever the reason, Purdue is going to be developing a new marketing program soon. If you’re an alum, it’s time to make the call. WEST […]

$4.3 million Ruth’s Hospitality account loses its CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Don’t be confused by the article below. Sometimes we learn of a new business opportunity in a backwards sort of way. The article is about the ex-CMO of Ruth’s Hospitality starting a new venture but the real news is that Ruth’s needs a new CMO and maybe a new ad agency. And BTW: […]

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