5 RFPs in One Post

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Crowdsourced Creative: In or Out

Steve’s breakdown: With Mattel’s announcement of their multi-year partnership with Tongal we think it’s time to make the decision whether or not to participate. We’ve been encouraging agencies to try it […]

Creative & Media review: City of Redmond

Steve’s breakdown: The City of Redmond is interested in seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide a proposal for a creative marketing and media package in accordance with the solicitation […]

Website RFP for TeamCalifornia

Steve’s breakdown: TeamCalifornia is a non-profit membership-based corporation that brings together economic development organizations to market their communities for business investment and job creation. The main contact is Larry Vaupel, Board […]

Tongal projects to Review

Steve’s breakdown: These contest are a great way to train the youngins, maybe win some cash and, mostly, impress some brands you’d might never be able to pitch. Here’s what’s […]

Project-based free-for-all pitch at Dannon

Steve’s breakdown: Wild goose chase or great opportunity to work for a great brand. Read on . . . WHITEPLAINS, NY:  Dannon has invited agencies to pitch for project work […]

Skype with no agency

Steve’s breakdown: This news makes us think a project is the way to get in – or partner with an group pitching the big biz. PALO ALTO, CA: Recent changes […]

Pitch: Global brand project at eBay

Steve’s breakdown: They say eBay has been in talks with a few global agencies but if you weren’t one of them, I’m looking at you M&C Saatchi & Havas, give’m […]

Digital Project work at Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Steve’s breakdown: These guys have had 7 account reviews since 2002 so doing a project-by-project review certainly makes sense. If you have been in one of those past pitches, you […]

Kool-Aid Video Project

Steve’s breakdown: As you know, Kool-Aid is a Kraft Foods brand and to make a great impression in this competition would be a big feather in your cap – not […]

Video project at McCormick

Steve’s breakdown: A great way to spice-up your creative juices is to take on one of these video contests. Secondly, if you win, you’ve got a much greater chance to […]

My McDonald’s $165K Video Project

Steve’s breakdown: McDonald’s wants your authentic Stories about what McDonald’s means to YOU. When: The Story phase closes at 12pm PT on Wednesday, February 12th so get your submissions in soon! Win: TEN Story […]

MasterCard’s Passport $40K video contest

Steve’s breakdown: As we’ve said before, these contest are great for getting on a client’s radar, global exposure and they pay-out every time you make it to the next round. […]

Annie’s Homegrown has a Video Project

Steve’s breakdown: So we finally got a handle on these video contests. For this one you have until Feb 4th to submit an idea. If you’re one of the top […]

Get in front of P&G via Eukanuba contest

Steve’s breakdown: Eukanuba dog food has a $85,000 video pitch going on. The brand spends $15 million in advertising and is part of P&G which you could make a great […]

Extreme Networks’ $100K Logo Contest

Steve’s breakdown: $100,000 prize is nothing to sneeze at; plus getting an in at Extreme is a major plus. SAN JOSE, CA: Extreme Networks, a company with local ties stemming […]

Naked Juice $90,000 video contest

Steve’s breakdown: What’s great about these contests is you get paid for making it to the next round. Check it out at this link. MONROVIA, CA: Founded in 1983 on the […]

Sour Jacks Video Contest

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve got another creative contest here. This one’s interesting if your shop needs to sharpen their video chops. Winner gets $22,500 but even if you don’t win, put […]

$25,000 is $25,000

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Thomas the Tank Engine’s $45K Video Project

Steve’s breakdown: Remember Thomas the Tank Engine? In not, you should probably move on but if you do, this could be a great project for your team. Read on and for […]

Orbitz seeks Chicago Ad Agency

Steve’s breakdown: AdWeek doesn’t know, AdAge doesn’t know and neither do any of the Chicago papers but you do. Marie LaPlante, a marketing director at Orbitz, should have more details. […]

$45,000 prize for Miller Lite Video Contest

Steve’s breakdown: We tried to read all the rules and could not find whether an ad agency can be in the contest or not. For more details, follow this link. […]

Two Projects in One Post

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Lumber Liquidators is looking for a DR TV Ad

Steve’s breakdown: These folks clearly need new creative and that’s why we think they are doing the program. All assignment due by 11:59 pm on August 27, 2013 and you […]

Stacy’s snacks cooks up video project

Steve’s breakdown: To be considered for selection, all videos must be uploaded to by 11:59 PM EST on August 13, 2013. You can download the creative brief here. DALLAS, TX: […]

SEC Video project for Regions Bank

Steve’s breakdown: We got another Poptent video project here. Submissions are due by 11:59pm on July 25, 2013 and you can get the creative brief at this link. BIRMINGHAM, AL: Regions is […]

Toshiba getting sneaky with Project Pitch

Steve’s breakdown: Toshiba, the Japanese consumer electronics company, is looking for an agency to work on a new UK project but they are being a little cagy about it. Check […]

Western Union has a video project

Steve’s breakdown: They are looking for :30 video executions to be distributed online and through social channels. The creative brief can be downloaded at the link and the deadline is June […]

Video Project for Frosty Paws

Steve’s breakdown: Just as a reminder, we like these small projects because they get your foot in the door of big companies. This time it’s Purina giving folks a shot. […]

Project for AirHeads: The candy

Steve’s breakdown: The people that gave us Mentos, the fresh maker, have a video project up for grabs. This time it’s for Airheads and the deadline for entries is May 19, […]

Durex has a sex video project

Steve’s breakdown: Agencies are asked to submit a short video pitch summarizing your concept AND a rough cut of the :15 second spot. All concepts must be submitted by 11:59 EDT on May […]

PROJECT: Boston Lager wants to be seen as a craft beer again

Steve’s breakdown: Boston Lager is not seen as a craft beer because of its TV advertising, popularity, and wide-spread availability. This assignment is about changing that perception. The creative brief can be downloaded […]

M&Ms and Life’s Journey: Video project

Steve’s breakdown: M&Ms is at it again with another video project. The deadline is April 21st, 2013 and you can download the creative brief here => Brief On march 20th we […]

Brother seeks submissions for project

Steve’s breakdown: Brother wants a fresh, funny, and irreverent video that speaks to the brand’s niche categories and cross-sells an existing one-product Brother customer into other types of products. The deadline […]

Team up with Ace Cash Express & Rangers on project

Steve’s breakdown: ACE has the exciting opportunity to sponsor the Texas Rangers, so they need some awesome video with a baseball theme! The creative brief can be downloaded with this link. The deadline […]

My M&Ms project targeted at Brides

Steve’s breakdown: MY M&M’S wants you to produce video that drives top of mind brand awareness among brides looking to amplify the memorability of their wedding. Click here to get the […]

Brown Forman PSA project

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CLR gets All Kinds of Dirty with video assignment

Steve’s breakdown: The surprising task of this project is “Contemporize the CLR marketing message with an engaging concept.” That sounds like the whole enchilada to us so go for it. The […]

Tiger Woods targets women: No Really

Steve’s breakdown: EA Sports is targeting women 25 to 45 for this video project. Interesting idea for all you female centric agencies that want to get into sports. The deadline […]

Make a Lay’s Wave commercial

Steve’s breakdown: Your assignment is simple, produce a :30 second TV(!!) commercial that introduces millennial female consumers to the new Wavy. The deadline is February 26th, 2013 and the brief is here. […]

Video project for AmEx Serve

Steve’s breakdown: We got another project from American Express via Poptent. The deadline is February 7th, 2013 and you can get the creative brief here. NEW YORK, NY: We’re Serve from […]

American Express OPEN has a holiday project for ya

Steve’s breakdown: Funny that Wieden + Kennedy wins this account in August and now this. One hint: carefull using their logo! The creative brief is here and the deadline is February 3rd, 2013 NEW […]

V8 V-Fusion serves up video project

Steve’s breakdown: This is the second brand from Campbell’s that is represented by Y&R to be putting this kind of project up for bid in 2 days. hmmmmm . . […]

SpaghettiOs wants your video ideas

Steve’s breakdown: Campbell’s has Y&R as their agency for SpaghettiOs but they still look for some side creative now-and-then. Here’s one project with a deadline of February 5th. CAMDEN, NJ: SpaghettiOs […]

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