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Global Internet Awareness Campaign Review

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Tourism Australia PR Review

Steve’s breakdown: Countries in the review include the United States, Brazil and Latin America, Canada, China and Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK. LOS ANGELES, […]

Brazil’s $6.5 million PR pitch

Steve’s breakdown: Whenever we see an international agency review where the incumbent is from the United States, you hear about it. Helena Chagas is the client. BRASILIA, Brazil: Brazil is […]

Pope Francis I & New Business

Steve’s breakdown: How every you feel about the choice, South America just got a huge shot in the arm. Then add the 2016 Rio Olympics & 2014 Brazil World Cup to the mix. My […]

Coco-Cola to put $1.3 billion in Chile

Steve’s breakdown: A little forecasting here this Monday morning. We suspect a large portion of this $1.3 billion is going to marketing and someone has to take it. You? ATLANTA, […]

UnitedHealth Group to expand into Brazil

Steve’s breakdown: So many of our suscribers want to expand in the growing marketing place of South America. Well, here’s a whoper for ya. MINNETONKA, MN: UnitedHealth Group Inc. will […]

Jimmy Volt might be getting fired: Eletrosul in review

Pedro’s breakdown: Eletrosul, parto f the Brazilian state owned Power company Eletrobras, is taking bids for its 4M dollar advertising contract. Agencies must submit their proposals on October 15th at 10:00am in Florianópolis. FLORIANOPOLIS, […]

$250 million account of the table at Brasil Foods

Pedro’s breakdown: Brasil Foods (BRF), the Brazilian consumer goods behemoth created by the merger of Sadia and Perdigão two years ago, with annual revenues of over 12 Billion USD and […]

YPF oil company spills into ad review

Pedro’s breakdown:  YPF, the former Spanish oil company that was nationalized  by Argentina recently, is taking bids for its advertising contract, as Ogilvy will end its run as the company´s […]

Panamanian lottery in Review

Pedro’s breakdown: The Panamanian national lottery company is taking bids from agencies for its advertising contract, worth $2.3 million. The contract is for a period of two years and agencies […]

Ducsa gets pumped up for ad review

Pedro’s breakdown: Ducsa, Uruguay´s largest private gasoline distributor, is looking for a new agency and receiving proposals this month. JWT, Cámara/TBWA and other major agencies are reportedly bidding for the […]

Carrefour to rebrand 129 stores in Argentina

Pedro’s breakdown: Carrefour, the French supermarket giant, is increasing its foothold in Argentina, announcing the purchasing of 129 stores of local supermarket chain EKI. Word is the newly purchased EKI […]

Rio in Review

Pedro‘s breakdown: After the initial round of proposals was cancelled, The state legislature of Rio de Janeiro is reissuing its call for proposals for its annual advertising and communications contract. […]

State of Rondonia Puts Ad account in Review

Pedro‘s breakdown: The state of Rondonia in north western Brazil is hiring a new advertising agency for its advertising campaigns. Agencies must submit their proposals on July 12th. The chosen […]

Miami Subs Grill growing into South America

Steve’s breakdown: If your agency is looking for an opportunity to move internationally, here a possible road: Follow the Client! Miami Subs Grill has a long term growth plan for […]

Marketing Pro gets CEO job at PepsiCo Americas Foods

Steve’s breakdown We love seeing marketing people become CEOs. It smells like opportunity! This CEO will be responsible for Frito-Lay North America, Quaker Foods & Snacks North America, PepsiCo Mexico […]

Chevy Global Creative in Review

Steve’s breakdown: What can anyone say about this move. GM, with the help of the President, has turn the corner and now wants to move even more forward. I say, […]

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