Senior New Biz Pro on the Move

CRAIG B. CAMPBELL Craig has a 40-year track record of success beginning with McCann-Erickson. He later joined Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) and eventually became the General Manager of their Los Angeles office, which was the largest advertising agency on the West Coast. His FCB client associations include Nestle, Denny’s, Mars, MCA, Albertson’s, Sunkist, Farmers Insurance […]

The “better for you” wine segment

Steve’s breakdown: Sometime we just want to point our members to an emerging category. That’s what the “better for you” wine segment is. Check out the top players below. EVERYWHERE USA: Vintners continue to capitalize on the fast-rising “better for you” wine segment, as American drinkers increasingly opt for health- and wellness-oriented products. These trending […]

10 days ago we knew something was up

Steve’s breakdown: Burger King is in some trouble (see the link at the bottom & the article below) and we think it’s a great time to start making inroads to the client. And not for nothin’, Yosef Hojchman is CMO of Tim Horton’s and now he’s CMO of BK?  What? As for emails, they go […]


See you after Labor Day! And yes, that’s a sunrise in Asbury Park taken by yours truly. Gotta take the credit when I can get it . . . Have a great week! FYI: Why I take this week off. Since 1998, I’ve taken the week before Labor Day off. 10 of those years I […]

Two fashion brands up for grabs

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Juneteenth Celebration

Steve’s breakdown: Well, it finally happened so we hope you’ll have the holiday off. We will! Now this from CNBC . . . UNITED STATES, USA: Today, President Joe Biden is signing a bill establishing Juneteenth, the date marking the end of slavery in the United States, as a federal holiday. The 3:30 p.m. ET […]

We have 2 senior agency holding company finance jobs to share

Steve’s Breakdown: Contact Me If You Know Someone for These Opportunities These two positions are with a major agency holding company based in NYC. I don’t know the compensation but you can probably take a good guess. If interested, please contact me via email with the subject line: Finance Jobs The more senior position is […]

Small Agencies: Check This Out

Steve’s breakdown: Introducing Small Agency Monday!! “Various independents are coming together to rally support for themselves and their peers” is the sub-headline and we think participating would be a great idea! “Any independent agency of any size can submit to be featured on the platform via the website or by emailing [email protected]” Here’s their URL […]

#MickeySleezeMunch #MeToo

Steve’s breakdown: MickeySleezeMunch, AKA McDonalds, has lived up to its 40 year old nickname this week with 10 female workers filing sexual harassment complaints. We suspect the best way to help the fight is with your own corporate communications at the agency and with your clients suporting #MeToo. If you haven’t done this already, that’s bad […]

If this is your advertising, we got to talk

Steve’s breakdown: Fred’s has been unsuccessfully trying to sell its specialty pharmacy business for years but you know what else has been unsuccessful? Advertising! Holy Guacamole! Circulars is all they do and it’s working so poorly the CEO bailed on the company. That’s your cue to get in there and fix the situation! MEMPHIS, TN: […]

Merry New Year!!

We’ll be back next year. Have a great Holiday!!

Time to play ball and make that call

Steve’s breakdown: Now that Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter and the rest are out of the picture and Jorge Mas is the new owner of the Miami Marlins, it’s time for you to step up and take a swing at this account. We don’t believe they have an AOR at present. MIAMI, FL: Pending an unusual twist, Jorge […]

What do these things mean

It’s very simple. If the first one is in the image of a post, that’s available to Collegiate members The second one is for content for Profession memberships (and Pros get to see Collegiate content) The third is for All Access members and they can see it all Register today • • • • • […]

See you in September

Hey Guys, So this being one of the slowest news weeks of the year, I’ll be taking a break from publishing until after Labor Day. I will be available today threw September 2nd for any issues or question you might have regarding your account or anything new business. Have a great week!

vTrue, the wrinkle-reducing bottled water, is going national

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s the quote you need to know from Pablo Correa, the COO and the company’s biggest investor. “We’d like to get a celebrity endorsement, but it would have to be someone who won’t overshadow the science behind the brand.” I bet you can help with that! LOS ANGELES, CA: A California company’s bottled water […]

Live in HiFi seeks CMO

Steve’s breakdown: As we always say, help a company find a CMO and you’re in! Now this one looks like a “this could be huge” opportunity. Read the job description below for more. LOS ANGELES: Life in Hifi is in search of a Chief Marketing Officer to join the team! This position can be based […]

See you in September

Steve’s breakdown: That line doesn’t really work that well with Labor day coming so late but I think you get the idea. There will no updates on Ratti-Report.com until September 9th (Unless I start “Sleep Blogging) but I will be available by phone and email. Give me a ring. I’ll have all time in the […]

Login to Ratti-Report.com Every Day

Folks, if you don’t click through to the full post of every lead you’re interested in, you’re getting 10% of the scoop. In fact, just make Ratti-Report.com your homepage. If you’re having trouble logging in, PLEASE, for the love of new-biz, let me know!!!

Gone to the Beach: Back September 3rd

Steve’s breakdown: Over the past few years we’ve always taken the week before Labor Day off. It’s an old habit dating back from my Burning Man years. I went 10 times. OY! Anyway, this year we’re actually telling you we’re on vacation. I’ll be available to chat anytime about anything new business. Just don’t expect […]

Hitachi unveils energy-stoage system

Steve’s breakdown: They are saying the market is ripe in California for anyone who wants to sell power, not just utilities. In case you didn’t know, California is the 8th largest economy in the world so don’t worry about the size of the market – just go for it. TOKYO, Japan & TARRYTOWN, NY: Hitachi […]


Steve’s breakdown: These types of accounts don’t make agencies a lot of money but they are great for making connections. GRAND RAPIDS, MI: Lisa C. Young has joined Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association International as its chief marketing officer. Young will direct all branding, marketing, education, and advocacy related activities for the contract furniture […]

May 2010: New Business Leads Posted to Twitter

Steve’s breakdown: In May of 2010 we posted 22 new business leads on Twitter. Here they are: Xerox Appoints Burns as Chairman http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead225 20 May 10 Orbitz Media in Play. Mullen’s recent JetBlue victory created a conflict http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead224 20 May 10 Agencies line up for Freesat ad account http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead223 20 May 10 Cory Chapman Promoted […]

April 2010: New Business Leads Posted to Twitter

Steve’s breakdown: In April of 2010 we posted 47 new business leads on Twitter. Here they are: KUALA LUMPUR – Asia-Pacific Breweries has called a regional pitch for one of its key beer brands, Tiger Beer http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead202 30 Apr 10 Sears’ top marketing officer Gerstein resigns http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead201 30 Apr 10 Former PepsiCo Executive Named to […]

March 2010: New Business Leads Posted to Twitter

Steve’s breakdown: In March of 2010 we posted 53 new business leads to Twitter. Here they are: Darden Restaurants today (Friday) promoted John Caron to a newly created role of chief marketing officer http://tinyurl.com/RattiLeads154 26 Mar 10   Major League Baseball is rebranding its MLB Home Plate channel on XM Satellite Radio as MLB Network […]

February 2010: New Business Leads Posted to Twitter

Steve’s breakdown: In February of 2010 we posted 44 new business leads to Twitter. Here they are: AMA PRO RACING: Harris Named Director Of Marketing And Competition Relations http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead100 27 Feb 10   Starbucks Taps Pizza Hut Vet for U.S. Marketing Role http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead99 27 Feb 10   LONDON: E.ON, the energy provider, is on the […]

January 2010: New Business Leads Posted to Twitter

UPDATE: Steve’s very first lead ever sent to the digital universe is at the bottom of the page. Steve’s breakdown: In January of 2010 we posted 55 new business leads to Twitter. Here they are: Arby’s chief Tom Garrett resigns. Advertising account could go into review sooner than later http://tinyurl.com/RattiLead55 29 Jan 10 Steve August […]

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