Will GM bring back the El Camino?

Will GM bring back the El Camino?

Steve’s breakdown: Ray Wert of Jalopnik.com is on a mission from God. GM’s Chief Marketing Officer said he would bring back the El Camino if 100,000 people comment on Ray’s post. I think this could be big!

You might ask “Hey Steve, what does that have to do with new business?” Well if you have a contact at GM and are a fan of the El Camino, you could make this news all about new business! The entire link is at the bottom.

DETROIT, MI: Joel Ewanick, General Motors’ new Chief Marketing Officer, said on Twitter tonight that GM will bring back the El Camino if 100,000 people say they want it. We’ll call that bluff. UPDATED!

This all started when I noticed Joel Ewanick, the brains behind Hyundai’s wildly successful “Hyundai Guarantee” program, joined Twitter earlier today. I tweeted out a welcome to Ewanick, urging others to follow him.

I also playfully suggested my followers — and Jalopnik followers — tell Ewanick they want him, and by extension, GM, to bring back everyone’s favorite truck-car, the Chevrolet El Camino.

While many tweets whipped across the twittersphere, one Twitter user, @chevalanche,elicited a response from GM’s new Mad Man on a topic other than openly mocking Scott “Montey”(sic), Ford Motor Co.’s chief twatterer. sex tapes. Here was the full back-and-forth:

Well fine then. We’ll call your ridiculous bluff, Ewanick. We’ll keep track here — in the comments section of this very post — and see just how close we can get to 100,000 people raising their hands to say they’d be willing to buy a new El Camino.

I mean, how hard can it be, right? We’ve already got some practice in trying to bring back the El Camino. Although the Carpocalypse — and a Pontiac marketing twerp — killed that one, what’s the harm in once more heading unto the breach? That time we had 80,000 fans interested. This is just that plus another 20,000.

Hey, I figure if the Nissan Leaf can get 250,000 hand raisers, we should be able to get 100,000 for the most awesome form factor of any vehicle ever!

Let’s find out. Start by raising your hands in the comments below, then drop it into the forums you visit, send it out to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and let’s see if we can make this dream — no matter how ridiculous it is — a reality.

UPDATE (05/05/2011 – 10:45 AM): Less than 12 hours in we’ve already got over 1,200 comments here. Keep it coming — drop a link to this post into car forums, reddit, stumbleupon, twitter and Facebook. Let’s maintain this momentum and GM will have to follow through on Ewanick’s flippant response.

Source: http://jalopnik.com/5798792/gm-will-bring-back-the-el-camino-if-100000-people-comment-on-this-post

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