Anchor Steam’s owner launches Hophead Vodka

Anchor Steam’s owner launches Hophead Vodka

Steve’s breakdown: We all know about Anchor Steam’s beers and ales but few know about their distillery. If fact, with this brand launch, they will have 60 spirits in their portfolio. The brewery does their advertising in-house so we suspect the same is true with the distillery.

So congratulate them on the launch of their own vodka and see where the conversation takes you.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Anchor Brewing & Distilling, a San Francisco-based company producing craft beer and spirits, has introduced a new premium craft vodka – Hophead Vodka – in its craft spirits portfolio.

Distilled in a small copper pot still using two types of dried hops collected from Washington State’s Yakima Valley, the 45% ABV vodka possesses aromatic character of hops without any bitter taste. It can be consumed neat or can be used as a base spirit in martini, Bloody Mary, beer cocktail and spirit cocktails like West Coast Vesper, Hopped-up Mary and San Fran Shandy.

Hophead Vodka was the brainchild of Anchor Distilling president David King and was developed by head distiller Bruce Joseph and brew master Mark Carpenter.

King said they were in quest of adding a vodka to portfolio.

“So we decided to distill our own, blending the history and heritage of our brewery and distillery, creating an amazing liquid that fits perfectly in our portfolio of craft spirits,” he added.

Hophead Vodka is currently available in San Francisco, New York City and other key markets at suggested retail price of $29.95.


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