Gluten Free vodka is here: Where’s the advertising?

Gluten Free vodka is here: Where’s the advertising?

Steve’s breakdown: Blue Ice Vodka finally has a label that says it’s gluten free. Logic says advertising is next.

Possible Contact: Kevin Egan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 21st Century Spirits

LOS ANGELES, CA: 21st Century Spirits, an importer and producer of spirits and owner of Blue Ice Vodka brand, has introduced Blue Ice Vodka with a new ‘Gluten Free’ package label, following the receipt of Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Blue Ice Vodka is said to be the first spirit brand to achieve ‘Gluten Free’ COLA approval by the TTB.

Produced by an Idaho-based distillery Distilled Resources, Blue Ice Vodka is a gluten free spirit made by master distiller Bill Scott using Idaho Russet Burbank Potatoes. Blue Ice Vodka products include Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka and Blue Ice G Vodka.

The new package includes a red badge labeled ‘Gluten Free’ on the top right corner of the bottle of Blue Ice potato vodka.

Distilled Resources director Gray Ottley said, “Three years in the making, federal approval to officially label Blue Ice Vodka as gluten free is another progressive step for the industry and for all of those who suffer from gluten intolerance.”

The newly packaged bottles of Blue Ice Vodka are available for purchase in market nationwide.


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