Privateer sets sail in 3 more markets

Privateer sets sail in 3 more markets

Steve’s breakdown: This is an expanding segment so to get on board while in the early stages of growth is a great move.

The founder is Andrew Cabot.

IPSWICH, MA: Privateer International, a Massachusetts-based hand-crafted distiller of Privateer Rum brand, has expanded its Privateer Rum availability to three new US markets – New York, California and Colorado.

Launched initially in 2011 in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the brand has two rums: Privateer Silver Reserve and Privateer True American Amber.

In New York, the brand was rolled out at the 2013 Manhattan Cocktail Classic event held on 17-20 May 2013.

Privateer International vice president and co-founder Nelse Clark said the event was the perfect platform to launch their rums in Manhattan.

Commenting on the expansion Privateer International president and founder Andrew Cabot said, “Our expanded distribution marks the transition from local distillery to emerging brand, and can be directly attributed to the team’s relentless focus on quality and adherence to highest distilling standards and practices.”

Privateer International head distiller Maggie Campbell commented that the company’s goal is to produce American rums by following fine spirits techniques.

“We ferment, distill, barrel and bottle every drop ourselves, and go to great lengths to honor both our spirit and customers,” Campbell added.


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