I Smell a New Coke moment coming in Kentucky

Steve’s breakdown: After 50 years, Brown Forman is relaunching King of Kentucky Bourbon. Really? King of Kentucky? Bourbon?

Think of all the other bourbons Brown-Forman sells. Think of the audacity of sealing the bottle with Makers Mark style wax. Think about the fact it will only be available in Kentucky. WOW! They need to Just Think.

Maybe you can help them out with that . . .

LOUISVILLE, KY: Product Launch: Brown-Forman‘s King of Kentucky Bourbon

Category – Spirits, whiskey, Bourbon, 14 years old, 62.5% abv

Available – From the end of this month

Location – The US, available only in Kentucky

Price – SRP of US$199, limited to 1,000 units

Brown-Forman is set to revive an old Bourbon brand, 50 years after it was discontinued. King of Kentucky will relaunch in its home state at the end of June, starting with a limited-edition 14-year-old expression.

Launched in 1881 as a Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey, King of Kentucky was bought by Brown-Forman from Selected Kentucky Distillers in 1936. Having changed the brand to a blended whiskey four years later, Brown-Forman withdrew it altogether in 1968.

Future releases of the brand will comprise single-barrel iterations with “no defined annual volume”.

“King of Kentucky will provide whiskey connoisseurs with a rare look into Brown-Forman’s rich barrel archives,” said master distiller Chris Morris.

Brown-Forman is scheduled to announce its full-year results for fiscal-2018 – the 12 months to the end of March – tomorrow.


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