What’s the deal with Casamigos Tequila?

GC_RG_MM_HighRes-1-720x480Steve’s breakdown: Shanken News says one thing and Sidney Frank says another. Who can you trust? I’m going to go with George Cloony and he says they are taking the importing in-house. That’s enough for us to show it to you all.

MALIBU, CA: On July 9 of this year, Shanken News Daily published a story stating that Lee Einsidler, longtime CEO of Sidney Frank Importing, was leaving “to head up a new company, Casamigos Importing, which will be the exclusive national importer and marketer of Casamigos Tequila, formerly represented by Sidney Frank.”

Later that day, Sidney Frank issued this statement: “In today’s Shanken Newsletter, based on rumor and innuendo, they announced that CEO Lee Einsidler is leaving the Sidney Frank Importing Company and will be heading up an import company for Casamigos. This report is UNTRUE and INACCURATE and we are seeking a retraction.”

This past Friday, November 20, Sidney Frank issued a release stating that Casamigos had “tapped Lee Einsidler” to head up the new venture, Casamigos Spirits Co., that will be “the exclusive importer for Casamigos Tequila.”

Marvin R. Shanken of Shanken News Daily stated the following: “Shame on Sidney Frank Importing Co. for their misleading and unprofessional denial. The company’s founder, Sidney Frank, was one of the giants of the spirits industry. Their behavior does not do justice to his good name.”


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